From WANDAVISION To SHE-HULK: ATTORNEY AT LAW - Ranking Every MCU Disney+ Series According To Rotten Tomatoes

There's been a total of eight Marvel Studios TV shows on Disney+ since the streaming service launched, but how do they all stack up to each other based on those all-important Rotten Tomatoes scores?

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Love it or hate it, Rotten Tomatoes is now more important than ever when it comes to whether moviegoers decide to check out the latest releases in theaters, and it's not uncommon for studios to tout scores as proudly as star ratings. However, in recent years, it's become every bit as important for TV shows, especially when there are so many options out there. 

Marvel Studios has, so far, had a pretty interesting, somewhat bumpy, ride on the small screen. Not a single one of the Disney+ shows ranked here by their Rotten Tomatoes scores earned anything less than "Certified Fresh" status, but they all still stack up very differently when put side-by-side and many were far from perfect.

Kicking off with WandaVision, we've since had live-action and animated projects set in the MCU. Some have definitely been better than others, and we can't say we fully agree with where some of the shows have landed. We're curious to hear what you think, though, and what your take is on where your favourites rank courtesy of critics that contribute to the review aggregator. 

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7. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier


Score: 84%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Packed with blockbuster action and deft character beats, Falcon and the Winter Soldier proves itself worthy of Captain America's legacy with its globetrotting intrigue, mature social commentary, and the sparky rapport between stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

While there's no denying Flag-Smasher ranks among the all-time worst MCU villains, there was still a lot to love about this series. The exploration of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' friendship was a joy, as was seeing more of Baron Zemo. John Walker was a highlight, though Anthony Mackie's transformation into Captain America in the finale remains the standout moment. 

6. Moon Knight


Score: 86%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Its entertainment value may wax and wane a bit, but Moon Knight ultimately settles into a mostly enjoyable -- and refreshingly weird -- spot in the MCU firmament.

We hate to say it, but Moon Knight is probably the most disappointing series on this list. There was nowhere near enough superhero action in the show, and the messy final couple of episodes pointed to those scenes in the asylum being heavily reshot. Still, we loved Khonshu and there's no denying that Oscar Isaac's trippy performance kept us hooked from start to finish. 

5. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law


Score: 87%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Whether she's fighting bad guys, defending a client, or managing her messy social life, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law passes the bar for bingeworthy viewing.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law definitely isn't for everyone, but it is entertaining. The finale is likely to forever divide fans as the meta-commentary went well beyond what we'd seen in previous episodes. That aside, Jennifer Walters is a great character and this corner of the MCU has proven to be well worth exploring. Plus, that Daredevil cameo was, without a doubt, well worth the wait. 

4. WandaVision


Score: 91%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Part loving homage to TV history, part off-kilter mystery, WandaVision is a wonderfully weird and strikingly bold step into the small screen for the MCU - and a perfect showcase for Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.

An argument could be made that the theories surrounding this show, such as Mephisto being the big bad, got out of hand and somewhat lessened the experience. Putting that aside, though, it was a blast speculating each week and seeing the mystery in Westview unfurl; emotional, action-packed, and compelling, this show was superb, though we do wish they hadn't wasted Pietro.

3. Hawkeye (TIE)


Score: 92%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Hawkeye starts slowly, but the street-level action is a refreshing change of pace for the MCU -- and the chemistry between its leads sparkles even when the plot lags.

Hawkeye ended up massively exceeding expectations, and the friendship between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop was another of those MCU relationships it was a delight to get caught up in. The Kingpin's debut was a welcomed surprise, while the Christmas setting also felt like something new from Marvel Studios. Swordmaster's arc was a tad disappointing, but that's our only gripe. 

3. Loki (TIE)


Score: 92%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: A delightful diversion from the MCU as we know it, Loki successfully sees star Tom Hiddleston leap from beloved villain to endearing antihero -- with a little help from Owen Wilson -- in a series that's as off-kilter, charming, and vaguely dangerous as the demigod himself.

Our first real exposure to the Multiverse, Loki delivered an engrossing mystery and showcased a wonderfully wacky side of the MCU we hadn't seen before courtesy of the TVA. We loved spending time with the God of Mischief's Variants, while that exposition-heavy finale brought a new threat into this world in the form of the standout Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains.

2. What If...?


Score: 94%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: What If...? may not add much to the larger MCU narrative, but surprising takes on beloved characters and some of the best action sequences in the entire franchise make for engaging viewing.

What If...? was definitely something of a mixed bag, with some episodes vastly better than others. However, when you look back at the stories revolving around T'Challa, Doctor Strange, and Captain Carter, the score above feels justified. The Guardians of the Multiverse episodes were fun, and Infinity Ultron was an impressive threat we actually wish had been saved for live-action!

1. Ms. Marvel


Score: 97%

Rotten Or Fresh? Certified Fresh

Critics Consensus: Ms. Marvel is a genuinely fresh addition to the MCU -- both stylistically and substantively -- with Iman Vellani ably powering proceedings with her super-sized charisma.

There's no denying that there was a steep decline in quality in Ms. Marvel's third, fourth, and fifth episodes, but they were still very good, and the first, second, and sixth chapters were among the best hours of television we've seen from Marvel Studios. Iman Vellani is a megastar, we're in love with her family, and can't wait to continue exploring this hero's life and superpowers.

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