VIDEO GAMES: What's Next For Rocksteady After Batman: Arkham City? Paul Dini Says Superman Is His First Choice

VIDEO GAMES: What's Next For Rocksteady After Batman: Arkham City? Paul Dini Says Superman Is His First Choice VIDEO GAMES: What's Next For Rocksteady After Batman: Arkham City? Paul Dini Says Superman Is His First Choice

Comic book and Arkham City writer Paul Dini says Superman needs to be Rocksteady's next game after Arkham City.

By MarkJulian - Oct 07, 2011 08:10 AM EST
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Source: Gigwise via Yahoo Games

The anticipation for Batman: Arkham City is building and from what we've seen from Rocksteady's promotions, the games looks to be even better than the first. This has led to many wondering, "How can Rocksteady possibly top the latest installment which appears to have nearly every villain in Batman's rogue gallery and adds Nightwing and Robin to the mix ?" Well Paul Dini, writer on Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man and of course Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, recently revealed that he thinks Rocksteady needs to look at a different character for it's next super hero outing. Speaking to Yahoo Games, Dini stated:

"Well Batman is pretty much real world-centric. So if I was going to do another comic book based game I would probably want a hero that had, you know - I would probably want to amp it up a bit as far as the power level goes and do more of a superhero with more superpowers.

Batman is pretty much a self-trained guy, I think it would be fun to do a character like Superman or Captain Marvel or maybe Green Lantern, somebody who's got a completely different resource for fighting crime and fighting villains.

Maybe a magical character. The DC universe is filled with them. I love Batman and I always will but if I was going to do another one I would probably pick one in a completely different setting with a completely different power scheme. He's [Superman] pretty much the number one in the DC pantheon, and I think not enough has been done with him to make him a character, as he's got amazing powers, he can fly super fast and everything, but also there's a level to his character that I don't think has been explored yet in video games to kind of get underneath who he is and into his heart a little bit.

I think there's a lot of reinvention being done on Superman at the moment, both in the comics and in the movies and I think it would be fun to revisit that character and kind of see what makes him tick."

I personally think this is a fabulous idea. Could a Superman game work; styled the same as Batman: Arkham City? I think it could, if they put Supes in the Phantom Zone (A Superman game set in the real world just doesn't work).

Batman: Arkham City is released on XBox 360 and PS3 on October 21, with the game coming to PC in November.

Paul Dini (born August 7, 1957) is an American writer and producer who works in the television and comic book industries. He is best known as a producer and writer for several Warner Bros./DC Comics animated series, including Star Wars: Ewoks, Tiny Toon Adventures, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Duck Dodgers. He also developed and scripted Krypto the Superdog and contributed scripts to Transformers, Animaniacs, Freakazoid, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. After leaving Warner Bros. in early 2004, Dini went on to write and story edit the popular ABC adventure series Lost. He has also written a number of comic books for DC Comics, including Harley Quinn and Superman: Peace on Earth. It has been announced that after two decades of doing DC related animated projects, Paul Dini will be going over to Marvel to serve as a writer and producer for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated project. Fall 2010 also saw the debut of Tower Prep, a new live action/drama series Dini created for Cartoon Network.

Dini has also written several comics stories for DC Comics, including an acclaimed oversized graphic novel series illustrated by painter Alex Ross. (A hardcover collection of the Dini and Ross stories was published in late summer 2005 under the title The World's Greatest Superheroes.) Other books written by Dini for DC have featured his Batman Animated creation Harley Quinn as well as classic characters Superman, Batman, Captain Marvel and Zatanna.

Graphic City News Site

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wadepool - 10/7/2011, 8:40 AM
I think a superman game would kick all kinds of a$$
RunDTC - 10/7/2011, 8:43 AM
I'd rather see a Teen Titans game
StephenJ - 10/7/2011, 8:44 AM
I am not a huge fan of Superman, but I hope they can get a decent game up for him.
marvel72 - 10/7/2011, 8:45 AM
a decent superman game would be cool.

what's next for batman?

1st batman arkham asylum
2nd batman arkham city
3rd batman arkham state......
Frogman - 10/7/2011, 8:48 AM
This is exactly what I want them to do! A recent editorial spoke about a Superman game and I said it'd be great if Rocksteady made it. I hope this happens!
StephenJ - 10/7/2011, 8:49 AM

Im really hoping they give us free roam of Gotham in the next one. hopefully this isn't asking for too much, but full range of his arsenal. Vehicles and gadgets
superotherside - 10/7/2011, 8:52 AM
Do it Rocksteady! Make a super great Superman game!
Cross - 10/7/2011, 8:53 AM
Screw Superman. Stick with Bats.
Cross - 10/7/2011, 8:53 AM
TheAmarilloBlack - 10/7/2011, 8:59 AM
WHAT?! Me and my homie were talking about this just yesterday!

PLEASE, Rocksteady! Do a Superman game! Superman has yet to be done complete justice in a video game. I think Superman: Shadow of Apokolips is the best yet, XBox's "The Man of Steel" is a close second. Still, neither were without flaws.

Rocksteady can put a new twist on Superman that's much needed and desired from true fans.

Rothwilder - 10/7/2011, 9:13 AM
Rocksteady is now the Nolan of comic book video games?

Just because Batman rocked, does not mean the second one will (although I'm pretty sure it will kick a##), and does not mean they could capture the same magic with another charater that has a completely different dynamic to him....or her.
BatSlam - 10/7/2011, 9:28 AM
the hole flying and powers aspect would make supes so much harder of a character to put into a game. A man that can be any where in the world in a few seconds, can lift mountains. That would be a hard transfer to a console device.
BooYah - 10/7/2011, 9:48 AM
I agree with @RunDTC. Teen Titans game by Rocksteady would be cool.
Berger45 - 10/7/2011, 10:00 AM
Superman would be great! However I would rather see Flash and/or Green Lantern before!
bateman - 10/7/2011, 10:00 AM
I would set it in the phantom zone. A bit like Batman Arkham Asylum.
PaulRom - 10/7/2011, 10:05 AM
@marvel72 How about Arkham Nation? :P That'd be cool to see as an online game.

I'd love to see a Superman game that's actually good. The Returns tie-in was boring. Green Lantern would be cool well as Wonder Woman and Flash.
hitman - 10/7/2011, 10:08 AM
hey guys I just made my version of the GL oath for my fav comic book character THE CAPED CRUSADER.....feel free to comment on it it goes...





SimyJo - 10/7/2011, 10:20 AM
Aww hell yes! - A Rocksteady Superman game!.

Could start off birthright/ learning his powers travelling the world, then get a job at the daily planet balancing civilian job and being superman.
Gotta have the John Williams buildup music on changing into superman. Have the full list of villians to tackle and a fortress of solitude perk/exploration learning system - Rocksteady could do a Superman game justice!. It would be cool if you could float and listen from orbit like in the Alex Ross artwork and Superman returns film, and it was racing worldwide to protect people and not just based in Metropolis.
Prophet - 10/7/2011, 10:24 AM
Why are the nights faithless?
Where is everyone going, and where did they leave the good?

Also, the rhyme scheme for the GL oath is always:


You have posted:

Also, your meter is all wrong.
BATMANx - 10/7/2011, 10:24 AM
I would like to see A Justice League Game..
Locdogg81 - 10/7/2011, 10:25 AM
I would love to see an amazing Superman game but history is just not on their side
SimyJo - 10/7/2011, 10:29 AM
the same was said about Batman IP before Rocksteady reinvented the Batman game.
thewolfx - 10/7/2011, 10:32 AM

screw you

anyways the king of all superheroes deserves a good game

and i have full faith that rocksteady a company who came out of nowere made me love a gave wit ha character who iv grown tired of due to most people sucking him off toomuch .

now imagine what they can do with superman
Mechagino - 10/7/2011, 10:33 AM
Hell yeah we should get a Superman game!!!

After that, I want to see a Green Lantern game OR work on this character who did have his own next gen game cancelled. I believe he was called, THE FLASH!
thewolfx - 10/7/2011, 10:35 AM
and wtf are you people talkin about his power set cant be transfered in a game ? its called good game design

there are many overpowered characters in games that do just fine
Shaman - 10/7/2011, 10:36 AM
Superman would be SPECTACULAR. But don't go linear. Superman needs to be sandboxed. Just don't make it as flawed as Superman Returns (even though it was good clean fun that kept us entertained for two full hours). Then again, you guys aren't activision so never mind.
rbfn04 - 10/7/2011, 10:37 AM
@Superguy Death and Return of SUperman was a really good game.

We really need a great SUperman game.
ThaMessenger07 - 10/7/2011, 10:38 AM
I would go with a good Superman game and a Flash game second. Although a Nightwing game like this one in Bludhaven would be awesome!
ThaMessenger07 - 10/7/2011, 10:38 AM
Or Green Arrow like Froggy Said^^^^ that could be so awesome!
Rexgabe - 10/7/2011, 10:38 AM
Hell Yeah do a Superman game, but do it with the new Grant Morrison Action Comics Superman. Let him start off as brand new in metropolis with Golden Age level powers as the very first superhero. Let the government and the military as well as local police forces try and take him down as he also trys to help the city out. Make him start off just with limited invulnerability where a tank shell can kill him and he "leaps" but doesn't fly.

By the end of the game with enough stat point allocation (i.e leveling up/sun exposure), he will be able to fly, super speed, etc.

It could work.
StephenJ - 10/7/2011, 10:45 AM
Green arrow would be awesome!!
VictorHugo - 10/7/2011, 10:45 AM
Just make a DAREDEVIL game already!

Oh wait...
hitman - 10/7/2011, 10:46 AM

u r absolutely right about the errors.....but as m not a writer...I am a visual effects student and a die hard batman I was just trying to show my likeness for the character....and by the " faithless nights " I was trying to pin the metaphor for having untrustworthy situation among the people due to the intense crime...

but anyways thanks for your comment...
Mechagino - 10/7/2011, 10:49 AM
@VictorHugo: I believe they did actually, on a phone I think. But yeah, even though rocksteady is owned by WB get SOMEONE who can give us a kickass Daredevil game! Activision, if you can make a good amount of good spider-man games then Daredevil you can do!
naterator - 10/7/2011, 10:59 AM

Also , check out my editorial on this very topic.
rbfn04 - 10/7/2011, 11:07 AM
A poll inside a thread with a poll? OK...
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