RUMOR: X-MEN Reboot's Team Reportedly Revealed; THE FANTASTIC FOUR To Feature Several Classic Villains

RUMOR: X-MEN Reboot's Team Reportedly Revealed; THE FANTASTIC FOUR To Feature Several Classic Villains

We have some new rumours about X-Men and The Fantastic Four, including an X-Men '97-inspired team lineup and plans for Marvel's First Family to battle some familiar faces from the comics. Check it out!

By JoshWilding - Jun 22, 2024 03:06 PM EST
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When the news broke that Disney had acquired 20th Century Fox, comic book fans immediately started getting excited. After all, it meant Marvel Studios had finally regained the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchise. 

Fox never managed to figure out Marvel's First Family, and while its early mutant movies received deserved critical acclaim, that franchise quickly started going downhill (with the odd win here and there like Logan and Deadpool). 

The Fantastic Four reboot arrives in theaters next year and, judging by the early concept art, the plan is for them to hail from a reality other than Earth-616. 

It's a surprising move on Marvel Studios' part, though we'd imagine Avengers: Secret Wars will make it so that they're eventually a permanent part of Earth-616. While time will tell on that front, scooper Daniel Richtman has shared some exciting new details about the movie today.

While we know the team is going to clash with Galactus and the Shalla-Bal version of Silver Surfer, he claims The Fantastic Four will feature multiple villains from the comics in small roles. It sounds like the idea is for them to appear in the first act, presumably meaning we'll see the heroes protecting their Earth from all manner of threats before they rocket into outer space. 

Not only does this give Marvel Studios the opportunity to showcase the Fantastic Four baddies who have previously been sidelined in preference of Doctor Doom, but it likely explains all those recent casting additions. 

As for the X-Men, we've seen mutants slowly being seeded throughout the MCU in recent years. Namor and Ms. Marvel were both confirmed to have mutations, while The Marvels took things one step further with the introduction of an alternate-reality Beast. 

Michael Lesslie was recently tapped to pen the X-Men reboot's screenplay and, according to Richtman, his pitch to Marvel Studios included the same characters as the roster showcased in X-Men '97

If correct, this means we can expect the MCU's team to be made up of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Beast, Storm, Rogue, and Gambit (Morph, Jubilee, Sunspot, and Bishop may also be on the table).

This sort of synergy makes sense, particularly in the wake of X-Men '97's success; an upcoming comic book relaunch will also feature a similar iteration of the animated team, so these may well be the mutants Kevin Feige wants to keep the focus on. 

As always, let is know your thoughts on these rumours in the comments section below.

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NGFB - 6/22/2024, 3:53 PM
Jubilee and Morph are worthless and annoying. But they'll include them for sure. Morph will sell lots more action figures since he can turn in to anyone.
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 3:57 PM
@NGFB - How is Morph worthless? Him being able to turn into anyone is beneficial to the team. Especially when they battle villains who are much stronger than them. Him being able to turn into The Hulk as an example can turn the tide in a battle.
MG0019 - 6/22/2024, 4:00 PM
@SonOfAGif - yeah, that’s odd saying Morph is worthless. He not only shape shifts, but adopts their powers? The guy could be way OP if he’d stop daydreaming about Logan and apply himself 😂

Also, Morph sells more toys? That’s never happened. Sure they sell X-Men toys, but they never say “Magneto (but Morph as Magneto)”. lol
marvel72 - 6/22/2024, 4:03 PM
@SonOfAGif - But that would make Morph Omega Level which he isn't.
McMurdo - 6/22/2024, 4:09 PM
@NGFB - Morph is gimmicky and can do anything the plot needs but Jubilee is great.
lvcl - 6/22/2024, 4:10 PM
@NGFB - so many years waiting for the reboot and what we get is more indoctrination in woke ideology.

The MCU has been finished since Disney bought it.

Everything they do is nonsense
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 4:13 PM
@marvel72 - Not to sound like a dick but do you know what it means to be an Omega level mutant? I'm genuinely asking. An Omega level transcends a normal mutants power by being able to continuously have an undefined range of power. For example Magneto. He can lift a truck or move the Earth's gravitational pull. Storm can make it rain or have a Hurricane and a Blizzard happen simultaneously. That's what makes them Omega.
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 4:14 PM
@lvcl - I was trying to have a legitimate debate over why the user felt Morph was useless and here you come making it about politician talking points. It never ends with you folks.
Hoot3 - 6/22/2024, 4:15 PM
@lvcl - "The MCU has been finished since Disney bought it."

You do realize Disney bought Marvel in Phase 1 right? So the MCU has "been finished" since before the first Avengers movie in your eyes??? Hot take.
marvel72 - 6/22/2024, 5:14 PM
@SonOfAGif - Yes but if Morph can gain the powers of anyone he changes into what is stopping him changing into Thanos with the infinity gauntlet or Galactus he would be unstoppable.
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 5:21 PM
@marvel72 - The Infinity gauntlet and the stones are not physical aspects of Thanos or is he born with them. While one can argue the Hulk is a result of gamma radiation, Hulk is still Bruce Banner. Now can Morph change into Iron Man and fly around considering the suit isn't a physical body part to Stark, we don't know. But I don't believe Morph can fully explore the limitless powers of an Omega mutant because he has his limits in those forms too
Rosraf - 6/22/2024, 5:35 PM
@lvcl - Woke ideology would be more annoying except the unwoke ideology is so much worse.
Batmangina - 6/22/2024, 5:52 PM
@SonOfAGif - Now THIS is what this site is supposed to be about.

If Morph morphs into Storm - does he get her weather controlling powers? Or if he morphed into Wolverine, he doesn't get adamantium bones, does he?

Genuinely asking the hardcore nerd shit here as my memory of X-Men canon is blank after issue 250 or so.

I assumed Morph was a superficial version of Rogue - he can mimic but not replicate and Rogue can completely steal powers but won't look any different.

Origame - 6/22/2024, 6:30 PM
@MG0019 - not really. Morph can mostly just use powers that involve him changing his form. For example Mr fantastic stretching. He can't do cyclops' energy beams and probably can't match hulk's strength.
ninerstreet - 6/22/2024, 6:50 PM
@lvcl - So we have no script yet but you’ve managed to decipher that it will be full of “woke” indoctrination? Can you please (for all of us who honestly want to know) define this ideology that you refer to as “woke”? I’m being sincere I’m really curious what you believe that word means and what they will be “indoctrinating” us with. Thanks.
lvcl - 6/22/2024, 7:25 PM
@SonOfAGif - Political issue? Have you read correctly what I have written? I've been reading X-Men comics since long before you were born and before Morph, I can think of hundreds of more important characters to include in the team before him. Why do you defend his inclusion in the team? Apart from the fact that you have no idea what the X-Men are.
Hoot3 - 6/22/2024, 7:32 PM
@lvcl - He said "politician talking point", which is exactly what the term "woke" has evolved into.
lvcl - 6/22/2024, 7:57 PM
@Rosraf - much worse? Why? You haven't seen the plummet of the box office since they applied it in Eternals until the fall into the depths of the well with The Marvels?
Apophis71 - 6/22/2024, 8:04 PM
@ninerstreet - Some here WILL give a definition of what they mean when they say 'woke', and normaly when they do they have a sound point (even if some will disagree).

However most won't either due to not having a clear definition but mostly as once defined it looses some of it's 'power' and certainly a lot of it's flexibility to throw out there without having to explain exactly what they have an issue with.

I just wish EVERYONE would stop using the terms Woke, DEI, Incel etc, it's tired and annoying, everyone should explain specificaly what their issues are and stop with the darn insult (on all sides).
cubrn - 6/22/2024, 8:16 PM
@SonOfAGif - even outside of them being able to turn into a stronger character, the ability to transform and infiltrate organizations for spying purposes is invaluable
Ryguy88 - 6/22/2024, 8:50 PM
@SonOfAGif - he doesnt get the same powers of the characters he turns into. That would be too OP
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 9:21 PM
@Ryguy88 - He does. He was able to recreate Psylocke's energy weapons and Magik's sword.
Ryguy88 - 6/22/2024, 9:32 PM
@SonOfAGif - there it a limit to it otherwise he would be the most powerful character and hes clearly not.
Ryguy88 - 6/22/2024, 9:33 PM
@Apophis71 - if I cant say DEI what do I call the mandatory training I have to attend next week?
SonOfAGif - 6/22/2024, 9:36 PM
@Ryguy88 - That's why I had said in an earlier response that he doesn't qualify as an Omega level mutant because he is limited by his own energy. Where as mutants like Storm are limitless, Morph becoming storm has limits. They may not be able to create a tornado for instance but can do limited lightning strikes as an example.
Ryguy88 - 6/22/2024, 9:48 PM
@SonOfAGif - I was referring to you saying he could just turn into the Hulk. First, I'm not sure he can even take on any of hulks powers because hes not a mutant. Second, even if he could, the strength he would gain would likely just be in the added muscle mass and not anywhere near the full extent.
NGFB - 6/23/2024, 1:23 AM
@SonOfAGif - He's a total gimmick. If he can turn into the Hulk and have Hulk strength, then wouldn't he have Hulk strength all the time? How does shape shifting create strength? Or why not just change his hand to a Hulk fist and punch people with that?
NGFB - 6/23/2024, 1:24 AM
@McMurdo - Jubilee is horrible hero name, and she's basically another Dazzler throwing pretty colors around.
SonOfAGif - 6/23/2024, 2:22 AM
@Ryguy88 - Well he did just that in the animated series. If he doesn't use a limited version of a heroes' power why morph into them at all? When he became Psylocke it was to be able to use her psionic weapons to battle multiple assailants at once. When he turned into Blob it was to give Wolverine a boost. And if I recall correctly he also turned into Angel to catch Wolverine and be able to fly with the team.
TheVisionary25 - 6/22/2024, 3:58 PM
Honestly , I still think we are getting Natasha Lyonne as H.E.R.B.I.E and Malkovich will be playing the father of Vanessa Kirby & Joseph Quinn’s Sue & Johnny respectively , Franklin Storm…

However , I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie opens with them fighting a villain that establishes their dynamic and powers and I could see that being Paul Walter Hauser’s Mole Man thus simultaneously serving as an homage to FF # 1.

User Comment Image
clintthahamster - 6/22/2024, 7:55 PM
@TheVisionary25 - If Malkovich isn't the Puppet Master, then what are we even doing here?

User Comment Image
TheVisionary25 - 6/22/2024, 8:29 PM
@clintthahamster - I wouldn’t mind that but I just have a feeling he’s their dad
DanFlashesShirt - 6/23/2024, 4:35 PM
@TheVisionary25 - i said from the start i bet Natasha Lyonne will be HERBIE

I think you pretty much nailed it though. Hooe you’re right.
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