X-MEN '97 Described As "Love Letter" To Original Series; Update On Animation Style

X-MEN '97 Described As "Love Letter" To Original Series; Update On Animation Style X-MEN '97 Described As "Love Letter" To Original Series; Update On Animation Style

Last night, we learned that X-Men '97 had been pushed back to 2024, but it sounds like Marvel Studios' X-Men: The Animated Series revival is going to be worth the wait...

By MarkCassidy - Sep 02, 2023 05:09 AM EST
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Disney+'s X-Men: The Animated Series revival, X-Men '97, had yet to be been given an official premiere date, but we had heard that there were tentative plans for the show to debut on the streaming service before year's end.

However, we're going to have to wait a little longer to see the mutant heroes in action.

Amid a series of release date shake-ups, X-Men '97 has been officially pushed back to early 2024 - but it sounds like the show is going to be worth the wait.

In THR's report on the delays, X-Men '97 is described as "a spiritual and tonal continuation of the classic 1990s series that aired on Fox," and a "retro love letter to the original." The trade also confirms that plans are in place for a second season.

It seems there will be one significant difference, however.

According to CWGST, those expecting the revival to retain the original's 2D animation style might be disappointed.

X-Men '97 will serve as a direct sequel to X-Men: The Animated Series' five-season run, but there's speculation that it may also set-up the team's eventual live-action MCU debut (unlikely, but we might get a few hints and/or teases here and there).

Returning voice cast members include Lenore Zann as Rogue, Cal Dodd as Wolverine, Catherine Disher as Jean Grey, George Buza as Beast, Chris Potter as Gambit, Adrian Hough as Nightcrawler, Alison Sealy-Smith as Storm, Christopher Britton as Mister Sinister, and Alyson Court as Jubilee.

The official synopsis reads: "Storm and Wolverine try to continue the X-Men. Magneto comes in and wants to step up for Charles Xavier. [Mister] Sinister comes in to try to end the X-Men once and for all."

What do you make of these updates? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

To recap on last night's announcement - Marvel Studios' updated Disney+ release schedule:

Loki Season 2 - Oct. 6

What If Season 2 - Christmas

Echo - Jan 2024

X-Men 97 - Early 2024

Agatha: Darkhold Diaries - Fall 2024

Ironheart - Undated

Wonder Man - Undated

Daredevil: Born Again - Undated

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CoHost - 9/2/2023, 5:16 AM
Shame Iron Man never got a cartoon as acclaimed as this.
Chaos200 - 9/2/2023, 6:28 AM
@CoHost - Excuse you! This intro was all we needed
FlixMentallo21 - 9/2/2023, 9:29 AM
@Chaos200 - That was for season 2. Same deal when it came to the Fantastic Four cartoon it shared a block with—lackluster first season followed by a much improved second.
OmegaBlack13 - 9/2/2023, 5:18 AM
Such a weird decision. Why not make a new X-Men cartoon instead of spending extra money to make it not look like the thing they’re using nostalgia to drive?
RitoRevolto - 9/2/2023, 7:57 AM
@OmegaBlack13 - That'd require actual creativity and not being able to bank on nostalgia.
OmegaBlack13 - 9/2/2023, 9:28 AM
@RitoRevolto - Very true
FireandBlood - 9/2/2023, 5:20 AM
Love letter my ass. Shit is 3D animated
valmic - 9/2/2023, 5:29 AM
I knew something about the animation was going to bother me. No wonder they haven’t shown anything, they know no one wants 3D animation for this show.
IcePyke - 9/2/2023, 5:44 AM
Screw 3D animation!

tylerzero - 9/2/2023, 7:11 AM
@IcePyke -

StSteven - 9/2/2023, 3:31 PM
@IcePyke - Ah, yes, that armor. That smooth, round, supple, TOIGHT ARMOR...

...where are my wetnaps?
TheManWithoutFear - 9/2/2023, 7:24 AM
I think this will get debunked. I don't see them using the same animation style as What If.
EgoEgor - 9/2/2023, 2:57 PM
@TheManWithoutFear - yeah, I don't believe. They've shown promos for it, even on that logo. I don't expect it to be fully 2D, but certainly it'll look mostly 2D.
RitoRevolto - 9/2/2023, 7:59 AM
They already lost me with that stupid mohawk they gave Storm. Should've just done something original like X-Men Evolution. That show was so damn good.
dancingmonkey08 - 9/2/2023, 8:31 AM
As long as it has Cyclops shouting JEEEAAANNNN, overdramatic Storm and Rogue calling everyone Sugah, I'll be sound as a pound

Also, the minute this iconic theme plays, I'll have happy tears, it's where my love for Marvel began ?feature=shared
BobbyDrake - 9/2/2023, 9:23 AM
Cheap ass Marvel Studios!!! They’re going to run their franchise into the ground trying to maximize profits like this. What happened to the whole “Return to quality over quantity” thing???
DudeGuy - 9/2/2023, 10:37 AM
3D animation? So it’s not going to fee the same? my day one viewing just turned into another show that I’ll “ get around to”

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