Peyton Reed Already Has Plans For The Third ANT-MAN Film; Reveals What A Note From Kevin Feige Looks Like

Ant-Man and the Wasp has only been out for three months and director Peyton Reed revealed that he already has plans for the next film. Also, what does a note from Kevin Feige look like? Click to find out..

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the twentieth film released by Marvel Studios and like the nineteen films before it, the film is praised by majority of the critics and fans alike. The Ant-Man sequel grossed $622 million worldwide and it was the spark that raised the Marvel Cinematic Universe's lifetime haul past $17 billion. A third film for our shapeshifting heroes is (hopefully) all but confirmed.

Director Peyton Reed recently spoke with SlashFilm and he revealed that he already has plans for the end of the trilogy. "I personally do have a trilogy arc in mind for them. Some of which I share with Marvel, and some of which I haven’t. But definitely where we kind of tool those characters in the second movie was very much in line with what I want to do."

He then took the time to explain how he approached Paul Rudd's character Scott Lang slightly differently in the sequel. "I know specifics of Scott Lang was something that Paul and I talked a lot about is that in the first movie, particularly the first half of Ant-Man, he’s a little more laconic and straight forward, and a bit more straight man." He then added, "But the second time out we could have had the luxury of knowing that audiences have accepted that character. So we could really allow that character, Scott Lang, to be even funnier and take him in a direction where he’s sort of a step behind. He’s a little bit more of the … Big Lebowski-style. A little bit more Jeff Bridges."

Being a director in the MCU you'll not only have a lot of talks with the cast and crew, but you'll likely have a good deal of interactions with the president of the company, Kevin Feige. Reed said he typically received notes from Feige while directing, and when asked how those notes looked, the 54-year old director had this to say: 

"I think they can kinda come in different forms. The notes are always very smart. Whether you agree or disagree with his notes, he comes from a really smart place, and they come from someone who has no desire to repeat themselves, and really his chief goal is to entertain and surprise an audience. So they can come in different forms, and really as we’re in the very beginning trying to formulate the story. It can be things we talk about like, here’s a piece of imagery that as a fan could we get this, or what if this were the case? What if we know we want to progress the Scott, Cassie relationship? What if we start dropping hints about she really is her father’s daughter, and things like that. And that can be on the backend of things and very, very specific moments as we cut screens, and things about whether jokes are played or not, or conceptual things. And it’s miraculous that he’s able to do that in a way that never feels like annoying studio meddling. I think it’s just because we all come from a place of wanting these things to kind of … You know, Ant-Man and the Wasp is the twentieth MCU movie? So you really have to kind of pivot and try and mix things up."

Whether or not we will get a third Ant-Man film remains to be seen, however, if it does see the light of day fans will no doubt be excited.

What your take on all of this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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