AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - Rumored Details On Wolverine Plans; Will Scarlett Johansson Return As Black Widow?

AVENGERS: SECRET WARS - Rumored Details On Wolverine Plans; Will Scarlett Johansson Return As Black Widow?

RUMOR: Marvel Studios Wants SPIDER-VERSE's Spider-Man 2099 To Team Up With Kang In Upcoming AVENGERS Movies
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RUMOR: Marvel Studios Wants SPIDER-VERSE's Spider-Man 2099 To Team Up With Kang In Upcoming AVENGERS Movies

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SuperCat - 4/30/2024, 12:08 PM
Yay. More Multiverse.
Matchesz - 4/30/2024, 12:11 PM
@SuperCat -A multiverse with no Kang the Conqueror
SuperCat - 4/30/2024, 12:16 PM
@Matchesz - Right! LOL.
TheFinestSmack - 4/30/2024, 12:08 PM
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Fogs - 4/30/2024, 12:31 PM
@TheFinestSmack - HAHAHAHHA
Doomsday8888 - 4/30/2024, 12:10 PM
>Putting HydraCap at #1
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Probably the only story worth telling at this point, right?
MS are -for various reasons- adapting the ANAD Marvel era, i know how much people hated Spencer's run but f*ck em, they have no taste and 0 comicbook literacy and got triggered for nothing. :P

The ending was kinda lame but of course the MCU adaptation would have to rely on something else than a magic cube, lel.
BruceWayng - 4/30/2024, 12:10 PM
You forgot the one true Captain America

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Origame - 4/30/2024, 12:16 PM
@BruceWayng - marvel stans: "it's not about identity politics, I swear. You're the weird ones constantly bringing it up"
CerealKiller1 - 4/30/2024, 1:49 PM
@Origame - I mean….this guy literally just brought it up for no genuine reason?
Origame - 4/30/2024, 2:38 PM
@CerealKiller1 - ...that's a cap variant in an article about cap variants.
CerealKiller1 - 4/30/2024, 2:47 PM
@Origame - That’s it, move the goalposts. I said ‘genuine’ reason. It’s clearly a sarcastic comment and bringing it up to elicit a specific response, which you added to
Origame - 4/30/2024, 3:09 PM
@CerealKiller1 - dude, this is a legit variant made by marvel.

He's allowed to bring up variants of any kind in an article about cap variants. You aren't the thought police.

Maybe if marvel focused on actually interesting variants that aren't just pandering identity politics, we won't keep complaining about it.
DravenCorvis - 4/30/2024, 12:11 PM
Random list based on a rumour from an unreliable person on X.

This thing has layers, man.

Though, part of me is fascinated with you insisting to act like this is a sure thing.
Malatrova15 - 4/30/2024, 12:14 PM
Origame - 4/30/2024, 12:15 PM
SuperCat - 4/30/2024, 12:16 PM
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SuperCat - 4/30/2024, 12:18 PM
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SuperCat - 4/30/2024, 12:20 PM
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IAmAHoot - 4/30/2024, 12:21 PM
It's just gonna be Endgame old Steve charging into battle, haha.
TheVisionary25 - 4/30/2024, 12:31 PM
As I have said , I would hope his appearance has more meaning then just fan service (which could be fun) like have the version of him we see be reflective of Sam or Bucky’s arc in the film such as Captain Hydra…

Maybe both are having a moment of self doubt and thinking Steve would do the right thing until they meet a variant of his that w is bad to bone which makes them truly realize that Steve could be as fallible as anyone.

User Comment Image

If you want to just do a fun one then do Cap Wolf lol.
HermanM - 4/30/2024, 12:31 PM
Variant? How about the real guy? Have Chris Evans play the REAL Cap.
SheepishOne - 4/30/2024, 12:36 PM
I would love if Avengers 5 or 6 incorporated a team of "evil" Avengers for the new roster to fight. Hydra Cap, Superior Iron Man, Unworthy Thor, Maestro, Ronin, and Red Room Widow. They could be an alt-reality team or just hand-picked from their respective realities.

Could be a fun way to bring the OG actors back without stepping on deaths, plus having the new team fight them would be a test of their own worthiness as Avengers.
TheVisionary25 - 4/30/2024, 12:41 PM
@SheepishOne - I like that idea

I am a sucker though for that trope.
SheepishOne - 4/30/2024, 12:54 PM
@TheVisionary25 - Same here haha. I lost my mind as a kid when the Power Rangers fought the Psycho Rangers.
TheVisionary25 - 4/30/2024, 12:57 PM
@SheepishOne - that’s exactly what I was thinking about lol

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marvel72 - 4/30/2024, 12:45 PM
Just give straight forward no nonsense Captain America, don't need a variant unless he is what the original was or is.
SummersEssex - 4/30/2024, 1:28 PM
Variant or nothing. And make it an evil one. Hydra Cap all day. 616 Steve Rogers' story has been told. Let him rest.
Ryan - 4/30/2024, 2:02 PM
I think it would be really cool if they brought Chris Evans back as he currently is (not old). He could even joke that he got better.

Avengers 5 could convince you that this is the OG Chris Evans Cap. Then at the end of Avengers 5 he says "Hail Hydra" in the mirror.

Then Secret Wars starts off with a group of heroes and Hydra Cap. Thats the shit I like. Now that I think about it. That may be too similiar to Across The Spider Verse.
JonC - 4/30/2024, 2:04 PM
Assuming when he went back to stay with Peggy he couldn't stop being a hero especially considering the role Peggy had in defending freedom over those years, its reasonable to assume he became Nomad, and if they were to pull him in his prime during this time they would bring Nomad, during Cap's prime, into the multiversal secret wars. I say his prime because he would still be young but he would have all the knowledge and training that accumulated just prior to his jump into the past for Peggy.
Spike101 - 4/30/2024, 5:04 PM
How about no too all of those and just have him as Cap, which is what everyone wants to see after all.
cerrone6 - 4/30/2024, 8:41 PM
Hydra Cap cmon let's get crazy!
Although I wouldn't mind Nomad or Old Man Cap
RedSheep - 5/1/2024, 1:08 AM
Hydra Cap, and give him Ultimate Cap's infamous line, "You think this letter on my head stands for France?"
THEKENDOMAN - 5/1/2024, 4:34 AM
Do you guys think Marvel will be this creative? Let's hope so, but as for now I'm still let the brother Mackie do his thing ✊

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