BOOK REVIEW: Christian Bale - The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman, by Harrison Cheung - PLUS Win a Copy for Yourself!

Author Harrison Cheung spent nearly 10 years as Bale's personal assistant (among other things). His honest take on the volatile star is a true insider's view. In his book, Harrison not only relates first person accounts of Bale's notorious temper and intense dislike of publicity, but explains the details behind what shaped the man--from his very first acting experiences as Speilburg's child star, to the triumphant successes that culminated with Bale becoming Nolan's pick for the darkest of Dark Knights.

You may think you know Christian Bale as a talented actor with some eccentricities and an obvious anger management problem. Sure, he's spoiled, narcissistic, and feels a bit entitled, but we forgive him these negatives because of the admiration we all share in his ability to transport audiences into his fantasy.

Reading Cheung's account of his time with Bale, you'll have a vastly superior understanding about what makes the actor tick. While Bale's negatives are still there and in no way excused, some empathy is embued by learning about the interesting details that only Cheung and close family relations witnessed.

Considered "family" himself by Christian's manipulative father, Harrison becomes an unconventional ally of David Bale's crusade to make Christian a blockbuster star. Harrison describes David, a self-described con-artist who's biography is completely made up, as a charming Adam West look-alike and an enabler of epic proportions--although incredibly adept at playing Hollywood games.

Having earned the trust of the father, Harrison becomes as friendly with Christian himself, as it seems anyone can POSSIBLY be. Although at times, it amounts to a master/slave relationship.

This is an unlikely but true account of simple fan who becomes a real-life Alfred. From Canadian pen-pal, to sitting in the bat cave of Bale's Manhattan Beach home planning world domination. From humble beginnings, to a decade long relationship managing the unmanagable. Working without compensation for nearly 10 years, Harrison describes his duties evolving quickly from Internet Marketing Manager to Personal Assistant and Publicist--even doing cooking and laundry at times for the unorganized star and his Father.

-Learn about Bale's unconventional childhood, unhealthy relationship with his parents and his fascination with decay--including a strange curiosity with his own bodily fluids.

-See how Christian was practically forced into acting, and why he feels he is a man without a country.

-Hear how his early movie "bombs" (especially Newsies) were, in actuality, extremely instrumental in making him a star.

-Read about the moment the rebellious actor finally fully embraced his career by fighting to win the starring role in American Psycho, and what gave him the motivation and sheer willpower to literally starve himself for the role of Trevor Reznik in THE MACHINIST.

-Find out about his rivalry with Ethan Hawke, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ewan McGregor--and how he owes his rise to mega-stardom to his Internet fans.

-Learn the details behind the infamous Terminator rant, and what REALLY happened when he was accused of assaulting his Mother and sister just a day before THE DARK KNIGHT premiere in London ... and more!

-Check out the book's Official Website HERE.

This is a great read with an honest approach and completely void of any tabloid mentality. Any fan of the Batman star will want to have this book in his library.

Stay tuned for a CBM exclusive Interview with author Harrison Cheung Himself where we ask him (and he reveals) even MORE about the interesting background of our favorite Batman!

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