RUMOR: DC Comics Launching Absolute Comics Reboot From Scott Snyder; Compared To Marvel's Ultimate Line

RUMOR: DC Comics Launching "Absolute Comics" Reboot From Scott Snyder; Compared To Marvel's Ultimate Line

KICK-ASS Creator Mark Millar Details His Possible Plans For A Public Domain SUPERMAN Comic In 2033
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KICK-ASS Creator Mark Millar Details His Possible Plans For A Public Domain "SUPERMAN" Comic In 2033

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TheManFromMars - 11/20/2014, 7:50 PM
DC owns the copyright over bats?
Pedrito - 11/20/2014, 7:51 PM
Typical Marvel copying everything from DC.
BlueWaffleRises - 11/20/2014, 7:52 PM
The soccer team had it first. Case closed. Sorry dc, you lose...again.
ScaryTerry - 11/20/2014, 7:57 PM
If DC doesn't get laughed out of court for this, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Bekss - 11/20/2014, 8:00 PM
I read this a few hours ago and is still completely stupid.

But the article looks better so thumps up
FordEl - 11/20/2014, 8:05 PM
Ehhh you could argue both sides
Shroombeast - 11/20/2014, 8:12 PM
I guess DC thinks they own bats now.
Dingbat - 11/20/2014, 8:17 PM
Misleading tweet is misleading
Dingbat - 11/20/2014, 8:18 PM
It's a valid claim on DC's part but I'm not sure it needed to be made. They do look exactly the same though, not just vaguely similar.
Dingbat - 11/20/2014, 8:22 PM
Is it worth it though? Probably not.
TheOverlord - 11/20/2014, 8:25 PM
Blood-sucking lawyers...
MarkyMarkRises - 11/20/2014, 8:29 PM

No need to call out another DC hater, what's one more biggot amongst the masses.
MarkyMarkRises - 11/20/2014, 8:30 PM
And yeah, how desperate for money is DC's copyright department.
superotherside - 11/20/2014, 8:58 PM
Breaking News: DC Comics Is Suing Dark Horse For A Superhero Doing A Superman Pose.

Earlier today DC Comics issued a copyright complaint, that a Dark Horse hero "placed his hands on his hips, in a Superman fashion". Dark Horse has not commented on this report. When approached DC Comics lawyers were quoted, "It's an outrage. Dark Horse has taken a pose that is one of the essential things of Superman. There are tons of other positions they could make but instead they create an insult like this. It's shameful."

In case anyone doesn't realize... I'm being sarcastic. DC needs to stop getting so ruffled at stuff like this.
L0CKJAW - 11/20/2014, 9:13 PM
DC should sue nature... and shadows!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/20/2014, 9:18 PM
So dumb
Kurne - 11/20/2014, 9:34 PM

"just jollem. i would never refer to myself as a god. "we all know" that's for bratty kids with big egos"

Dafuq dude that's Hurricane's point
TheAmericanPatriot - 11/20/2014, 9:49 PM
So what? This isn't new. DC has always been a cruel and pathetic company. Anyone remember that one time DC refused to let the Superman symbol be used at a child's funeral?
Kurne - 11/20/2014, 9:54 PM
Terrible thread already. Man.
TheAmericanPatriot - 11/20/2014, 9:59 PM
And we all know this was also how DC killed Fawcett Comics and Captain Marvel (the trademark).
Firgosaurus - 11/20/2014, 10:02 PM
Meh first world problems....
JAC - 11/20/2014, 10:03 PM
@TheAmericanPatriot Rightfully so. It wasn't legally possible at the time.
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