DC STUDIOS: 5 Exciting Possibilities For James Gunn's "Biggest Story Ever Told" In New DCU

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has teased his and Peter Safran's big plans for the new DCU, but which storylines could he be referring to or taking inspiration from? We have some exciting suggestions...

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Addressing the DCU's future under DC Studios, co-CEO James Gunn said he and Peter Safran's "initial focus is on the story going forward, hammering out the new DCU, [and] telling the Biggest Story Ever Told across multiple films, television shows, [and] animated projects."

It sounds a lot like we're getting DC's version of the MCU, something we know Warner Bros. Discovery boss David Zaslav made a priority for the studio early on. 

As for what the "Biggest Story Ever Told" might be, it's a mystery to us right now. However, the fact it will be told across all those different formats suggests there are huge ideas on the table for the DCU, and we have some ideas about which comic book storylines could be the inspiration behind what looks set to be a legitimate rival to The Infinity Saga. 

To find out what we think could be on the way, simply click on the "Next" button down below! 

5. Forever Evil


Zack Snyder was all about pitting the DC Universe's heroes against each other, hence why we got an entire story arc revolving around Superman's descent into villainy! 

How better to move on from that than by pitting these characters against Multiversal counterparts who are truly evil? Not only would that shine a spotlight on what makes the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman so great, but it allows them to shine as heroes against sinister doppelgangers who have no redeeming qualities. 

In Forever Evil, that's exactly what happened when Earth was conquered by a villainous Justice League known as the Crime Syndicate. 

This story arc could be expanded and reimagined in a myriad of ways, testing the loyalties of some (we're sure Black Adam would be open to a team-up with Ultraman, for example) and delivering the sort of battles comic book fans dream of. 

4. Blackest Night


The upcoming Green Lantern TV series revolving around Guy Gardner and Alan Scott has fallen apart, with the plan being to now focus primarily on John Stewart.

We hope that serves as a way of establishing the Green Lantern Corps as an important part of the new DCU, because they could be pivotal in setting up a massive storyline that, while dark, would lean into DC Comics' uniquely fun horror side. We know Gunn has a love for that genre, while Safran made a name for himself overseeing The Conjuring Universe.

An all-out war between the DC Universe's living and dead heroes and villains, this is an event that could take us to some truly bonkers places. For example, just imagine zombified versions of some of our favourite characters from across the entire Multiverse going to war with Batman and company. 

This was an epic tale and one that, while unexpected, could be what the DCU needs to stand out. 

3. Flashpoint


The Flash won't be the Flashpoint story we once expected, though it is set to take Barry Allen to an alternate timeline where Michael Keaton's Batman is the world's Caped Crusader and Supergirl stands in place of Superman. 

While it's too late for Gunn and Safran to make any major changes to the Scarlet Speedster's first solo outing, we have to believe they had some input on recent reshoots and will use The Flash to introduce moviegoers to the DC Multiverse. Along the way, the stage can be set for a true Flashpoint event blockbuster. 

After spending the news few years redeeming the DCU in the eyes of fans, wrapping up with a massive, fan-pleasing event movie that serves as a line-wide reboot would be the ideal next step.

With that, Warner Bros. can truly start afresh, a move likely to be accepted if it comes in the wake of a well-told event like this. Oh, and it makes perfect sense for Reverse-Flash to be the DCU's new big bad, right?

2. Crisis On Infinite Earths


We've seen The CW's take on Crisis on Infinite Earths, but only the big screen can really do this storyline justice. In the comics, the Anti-Monitor tries to destroy the DC Multiverse, but only succeeds in merging it into a single universe.

As much as we'd like to see Darkseid, the Anti-Monitor feels like a big bad Gunn and Safran can make into their own Thanos-level threat. Again, this story would help open the door to a much-needed fresh start, and we know it's something the previous regime had planned. 

That means the groundwork is already there - primarily thanks to The Flash - for DC Studios to take what was once a relatively small idea and make it absolutely epic

While it is a familiar tale, we have all the faith in the world in Gunn being able to put a new spin on it. 

1. Something Completely New


While it's safe to assume Gunn and Safran have turned to the comic books for inspiration, that doesn't mean we're getting an adaptation of any one well-known storyline. 

The director will have likely learned from Marvel Studios how what's on the page can serve as just a basis for what plays out on screen, while his take on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was wholly original. With that in mind, don't be surprised if this endgame involves something the DC Studios heads have come up with from scratch. 

In The Suicide Squad, Gunn took Starro - the first villain the Justice League ever faced - and pitted him against Task Force X!

The point is, he's someone who thinks outside the box, and that means we should more than likely expect the unexpected when it comes to what looks to be a bright future for the DCU. 

James Gunn Confirms Plans For Connected DCU Across Film, TV, Animation... And Video Games!

James Gunn Confirms Plans For Connected DCU Across Film, TV, Animation... And Video Games!

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