SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Concept Art Reveals Some Huge Moments Which Were Cut From The Film - SPOILERS

Stormtrooper Wookies? Han Solo in prison? The franchise's slowest chase scene? All of that and more was going to be included in Solo: A Star Wars Story at one point as is evident from this concept art.

Solo: A Star Wars Story underwent a lot of changes behind the scenes after Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired and Ron Howard took charge of the spinoff. It's common knowledge that the filmmaker reshot a lot of scenes, replaced Michael K. Williams' version of Dryden Vos with Paul Bettany's and generally changed the tone of the spinoff but which sequences ended up being scrapped altogether?

Well, some new concept art from the movie has surfaced which shows scenes which may or may not have been shot but were at one point or another intended to be part of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There's a lot of great stuff here, including moments that would have arguably made the movie better but we'll let you be the judges of whether or not that would be the case. So, to check out these "deleted scenes" all you guys need to do is click on the "View List" button below to see the gallery. 

An earlier draft of the screenplay called for Chewbacca to save Han Solo from a burning structure of some sort; could this be what the original plan was for Dryden Vos's ship before Qi'ra's escape?

During one version of the Kessel Run, Enfys Nest was going to attack the Millennium Falcon but the decision was later made to save their confrontation with Han and company until the film's climax.


In a scene which was clearly going to be played for laughs, Han and Chewie were going to very slowly walk away with their haul while an incredibly slow slug-like creature gave chase closely behind!

That's right, Chewbacca really is squaring off with a feral Ewok in this piece of artwork which may go some way in explaining why the Wookie didn't seem overly keen on them in Return of the Jedi.

A previous version of Solo would have featured Han working on Corellia in an Imperial factory which builds TIE Fighters and the like. That would have obviously changed his origin story in a big way. 

The train heist was originally going to feature Han and Chewie riding these buffalo-like creatures. They would have presumably used them to simply scout the area but clearly weren't ultimately needed.


That's right, Wookie Stormtroopers! Who shouldn't they serve the Empire if they choose to? It's not clear whether or not they're willing volunteers but this definitely would have been fun to see.

The plan at one point was for Han Solo to meet Chewbacca in an Imperial prison rather than him signing up and joining their ranks. As you can see, a prison jumpsuit clearly suits the iconic smuggler!

Can you see the CHiPs influence here? Lucasfilm clearly decided that this was too on the nose for the movie but it would have still been very cool seeing a cop-style Stormtrooper like this in Solo

Here, Han and Chewie can be seen chained up and seemingly in prison and this is obviously where the two fan-favourite characters were supposed to meet in a previous version of the Star Wars spinoff.

This poor fella has clearly been working in the Kessel Mines for quite some time and he's far removed from Chewbacca as his emaciated state makes it clear that he's been through an awful lot.

A sequence featuring Han crashing a ship and getting kicked out of the Imperial Academy was originally planned for the movie and it's thought that was shot before Ron Howard chose to scrap it.

Here, we see Han leaning out of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit as he reaches out to rescue his friend Chewbacca from a sticky predicament as he's pursued by a number of Stormtroopers. 

No, this isn't the older version of Han Solo from The Force Awakens. In reality, this was how Tobias Beckett was originally going to look and that clearly would have then inspired Han's wardrobe choices.

Han fights dirty in this fun piece of artwork showing his first meeting with Chewbacca, something which obviously preceded them becoming friends and travelling through the Galaxy together. 

How cool is this design? As you can see, the concept artists incorporated the AT-AT legs into these generic cranes which could actually be spotted in the background of one scene in this movie.  


These gorgeous pieces of concept art show poor Han coming to terms with the fact that he's having to serve the Empire on the wartorn landscape of Mimban, a mud planet they're invading. 

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