MEGALOPOLIS Reviews Land As Francis Ford Coppola's Sci-Fi Epic Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 50%

MEGALOPOLIS Reviews Land As Francis Ford Coppola's Sci-Fi Epic Hits Rotten Tomatoes With 50%

MEGALOPOLIS Sets Global IMAX Release Following Recent Francis Ford Coppola Controversy
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MEGALOPOLIS Sets Global IMAX Release Following Recent Francis Ford Coppola Controversy

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Hellsing - 4/15/2013, 6:47 AM
This has the potential to be totally awesome or a piece of crap. I hope for the Watchowskis sake its a good movie
FrankieDedo - 4/15/2013, 6:49 AM
My god, the plot outline remember me a lot of Episode IV.
not sure if good or bad

The young, chosen one, unhappy young protagonist acknowledge that she has an huge inheritance and obviously she will fight her past...mmm...already heard somewhere huh? I am waiting for a vader-like mummy that says "we can do spring cleanings togheter in the galaxy, my daughter!"
I only hope that there's no chase scene, damn, two women chasing each other thru the space! Wonder all the devastation they could bring just driving in a coruscant-like planet!
ok i'm done with stupid cliches about women.
RamonSuarez - 4/15/2013, 6:51 AM
This sounds a lot like Matrix.

Hope it isn't.
RamonSuarez - 4/15/2013, 6:51 AM
Still pissed that Cloud Atlas was snubbed and underrated so criminally by the critics and audiences.
FrankieDedo - 4/15/2013, 6:51 AM
LOL she's working in a "poop accumulators farm" too, just like luke! hmmm...
P862010 - 4/15/2013, 6:54 AM
hey at least she isn't a hacker
reverendjonnynemo - 4/15/2013, 6:55 AM
LOL - they'd rather have Tatum referenced from Magic Mike than GI Joe... Rated G/ PG 13 is not a given for Jupiter Ascending, I guess...
thewonderer - 4/15/2013, 6:56 AM
Cloud atlas was awesome. Looking forward to this
126thst - 4/15/2013, 6:58 AM
I wonder who they stole this idea from?
JoshBerger - 4/15/2013, 7:08 AM
A transvestite and a pedo-looking bald guy...they're creepy as [frick].I did like The Matrix though...until they made the sequels. Haven't seen Cloud Atlas yet but...meh,whatever.
Ocelot - 4/15/2013, 7:23 AM
@InfiniteMonkey LOL, has sean bean ever made it out alive of any movie he's been in
Swiftsword777 - 4/15/2013, 7:26 AM
sounds like snow white and the huntsmen on roids
AskaniSon - 4/15/2013, 7:32 AM
Aw shit, Sean Bean? Guess we've got another role to add to his death toll lol.
Swiftsword777 - 4/15/2013, 7:43 AM
Can someone please tell me what was so bad about the matrix 2&3 because I enjoyed all of them...I did'nt get the memo,what did I miss?
ComicFan1134 - 4/15/2013, 7:47 AM
This Is The Same Tired Ol' BS They Always Use....YAWN.
Swiftsword777 - 4/15/2013, 7:52 AM
@monkeyballs3. Maybe i just need to rewatch because im clueless on this one..
Ocelot - 4/15/2013, 7:59 AM
@InfiniteMonkey LOL there was even a movie where he was killed by a bunch of cows, poor sean. "One does not simply let Sean Bean live"

@fettastic LOL he survives in a horror movie out of all places, you would have thought he would be nailed on to somehow die in that type movie.
P862010 - 4/15/2013, 8:05 AM
reloaded was on tv last night dont get the hate
Ocelot - 4/15/2013, 8:14 AM

Best scene in reloaded with out a shawdow of doubt
theHuch - 4/15/2013, 8:33 AM
Hey- Sean Bean's in this! SPOILER ALERT...He's going to DIE!
MarkV - 4/15/2013, 8:51 AM
Horrible casting for a sci-fi movie.
RexDartEskimoSpy - 4/15/2013, 10:40 AM
Y'know, Larry/Lana actually looks better as a woman. Which is very very sad for him/her. Shim?
LorenzoVonMatterhorn93 - 4/15/2013, 10:58 AM
you just know they hired Sean Bean to play someone whom eventually dies. well at least he's best at dying in the business.
FOOM - 4/15/2013, 12:14 PM
'Jupiter Jones'? As in the Three Investigators? Somebody needs to alert the estate of Robert Arthur Jr quick.
pro346 - 4/15/2013, 1:54 PM
I'll take the matrix sequels over more generic mcu movies.....
Geektality - 4/15/2013, 3:06 PM
Why does Lena Wachowski think her hair looks good in pink dreadlocks? That hair is AWFUL!!
RexDartEskimoSpy - 4/15/2013, 6:45 PM
The crazy hair distracts from the faceular area.
reverendjonnynemo - 4/16/2013, 2:13 PM
@ Alfredo

sorry to nitpick... it's racism... what you spelled rhymes with fascism.
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