Tom Holland Confirms SPIDER-MAN 4 Talks, But Says He Won’t Make Another One For The Sake Of It

Tom Holland Confirms SPIDER-MAN 4 Talks, But Says He "Won’t Make Another One For The Sake" Of It

MARVELS SPIDER-MAN 2: NEW Images of Scrapped Venom Attacks Have Surfaced
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MARVELS SPIDER-MAN 2: NEW Images of Scrapped Venom Attacks Have Surfaced

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BritishMonkey - 12/18/2016, 2:32 PM
Makes sense.
Somewhere else down the line we'll probably see Spidey and Daredevil team-up going against Kingpin.
Scarilian - 12/18/2016, 2:41 PM
I think everyone is forgetting that Kingpin is not superpowered... while Spider-man is. He cant really battle on a similar level and he'd either overshadow or be overshadowed by Daredevil.

In addition. Daredevil's storyline revolves too closely around Kingpin with season three clearly being set-up to be some kind of final battle between the two. Potentially he could be assisted him in some form, but it needs to be Daredevil Vs Kingpin.

Besides, i'd rather have Kingpin be a Daredevil villain who occasionally inteferes in Punisher.
WatchTower616 - 12/18/2016, 2:45 PM
Damn. It's kinda inconsistent since I feel Spider-Man would do something about the Kingpin ruling New York.
Scarilian - 12/18/2016, 2:55 PM
@WatchTower616 -

In Spider-man Homecoming he's trying to effectively be a normal kid and the only places he is interfeering are on the smaller scale. To him there is only 'basic crime' and 'aliens/monsters' - hence why he wants to be in the Avengers to fight the weird threats.

In terms of Kingpin, it makes sense as to why Spider-man would'nt be concerned with him... Kingpin is in jail or out of the picture during the time when Spider-man is active in the MCU considering he only started shortly before Civil War in basic crime.

Daredevil Season 1;
- Kingpin ruling New York

Daredevil Season 2;
- Kingpin In Prison, slowly gaining power

Captain America Civil War;
- Spider-man starts being active tackling minor thugs
- Spider-man helps with Civil War
- Accords prevent Spider-man from doing anything so Tony tells him to 'stay low'

Spider-man Homecoming;
- Spider-man is trying to stay low
- Rival to Kingpin and Spider-man appears in the form of Norman Osborn
- Spider-man is distracted with the Vulture and other supervillains

Daredevil Season 3;
- Kingpin back in power
- Kingpin defeated by Daredevil

Spider-man Homecoming sequel;
- Norman Osborn takes over New York
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