THE FLASH: 5 Actors Who Could (And Definitely Should) Replace Ezra Miller As Barry Allen In The DCEU

With Ezra Miller's future as Barry Allen in doubt following a lot of negative headlines, it's clear Warner Bros. needs a new Scarlet Speedster following The Flash. You best believe we have some ideas...

While there have been a few occasions in the past where Ezra Miller's behaviour has made headlines (such as footage of him allegedly choking a female fan), the good has seemingly outweighed the bad, and it's mostly been overlooked. Recently, though, we've seen the actor run into trouble with the law, and fans have made it clear that they no longer want them to play Barry Allen. 

The Flash is currently in post-production and set to be released next June. It's impossible to imagine Miller somehow being replaced, and Warner Bros. is reportedly hoping this all blows over. 

Moving forward, it's obvious that the actor's time as the Scarlet Speedster is nearing its end. Miller has already been written out of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and someone who has repeatedly been linked to assaults on women playing this character...well, it just doesn't feel right. After The Flash, Miller could easily be replaced, and we have some ideas about who can take over.

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5. Jack Lowden


It feels like Jack Lowden is on the precipice of becoming a huge star, and a major superhero role would definitely put the Dunkirk and Fighting With My Family actor on the map in a massive way. 

Lowden has delivered a lot of impressive performances, and after receiving rave reviews for his work in Benediction, we can see him soon becoming one of Hollywood's most highly sought after stars. Lowden looks a lot more like the Barry Allen from the comic books than Miller, and has more of the everyman feel to him that has made this character so endearing on the page for decades. 

After holding his own against Gary Oldman in Slow Horses, we're confident that Lowden has all the necessary qualifications to do the Fastest Man Alive justice on screen. Only a couple of years older than Miller, the Scottish actor would also be a fitting choice to play a Barry still finding his footing.

4. Dylan O'Brien


For whatever reason, Warner Bros. is intent on portraying Barry Allen as a bit of a bumbling goof, and that's a character we think Dylan O'Brien could make his own in a way that resonates with fans.

He's no stranger to franchise fare after starring in The Maze Runner, but impressed us most with his work in Love and Monsters (if you haven't seen the movie, make it a priority). O'Brien is great at coming across as likeable on screen, and manages to find the right balance of someone out of their depth that, when the time comes, has enough confidence to make us believe he can save the day.

O'Brien is once again in the right age group for a Barry who is just starting his superhero career in Central City, and we have a feeling following his journey as this hero would make for a fun ride. 

3. Tye Sheridan


Like James Marsden before him, poor Tye Sheridan got the short end of the stick playing Cyclops in Fox's X-Men movies. Never given the chance to show what he can do as an actor as Scott Summers, Ready Player One at least drove home the fact that he has what it takes to be a leading man.

For someone who is only 25, Sheridan already has a lot of great acting credits to his name, many of which aren't your typical blockbuster fare. He's an exciting talent, and someone we think has the potential to do the Scarlet Speedster justice on screen, both in and out of the costume. 

Some might argue he's a little too handsome for the Central City P.D. lab tech, but when has that ever stopped Hollywood? Just like he injected some life into Cyclops despite that being a mostly thankless role, Sheridan is talented enough to add new layers to The Flash and make this role his own. 

2. Timothée Chalamet


Like Tye Sheridan, Timothée Chalamet is an incredibly accomplished actor for a 26-year-old, and after making a major impact in Dune, he's currently shooting a role as the title character in Wonka. It appears Warner Bros. is high on the actor, so why not give him one of their biggest superheroes?

Similar to Miller, Chalamet has a pretty distinct look, but is someone who looks set to become a major box office draw over the next few years. It would be relatively easy to slot him into this role, taking advantage of his popularity and fanbase while delivering a Fastest Man Alive with a little more quality. 

There's no getting around the fact that Chalamet is a talent, and that leaves us excited at the prospect of what he could do with a character like this one. The Flash franchise needs a fresh face after this first movie reboots the DCEU, and this might be the guy to help take Barry into a brighter future.

1. Grant Gustin


Even if you're a hardcore fan of the Arrowverse, you have to admit that those shows are not exactly cinematic. They've all had their moments over the years, in fairness, but there's a certain aesthetic to the shows that makes them feel like nearly every other series airing on The CW.

Say what you will about that and some of the acting, but Grant Gustin has always been great in The Flash. While that show is running on fumes at this point, there's really no reason why this controversy surrounding Miller couldn't lead to the actor playing Barry on the big screen. The Multiverse lends itself to that happening, and it would be great to see what Gustin could do in a big budget setting.

He's a solid actor, and providing he's willing to continue playing The Flash, albeit on a much grander stage, then he could quite easily be taken from TV star to movie star as the Scarlet Speedster.

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