THE FLASH Season One Was An Alternate Timeline, But Will We Ever See The Original?

The Flash executive producer Andrew Kresiberg says the first season of The CW's Flash is an alternate timeline. With that in mind, will we ever see the original, pre-Wells manipulated timeline?

Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed that the entire first season of the show is an alternate timeline due to the manipulation of Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells.  So will we ever see the original timeline or will the show always exist in the alternate one?  As Matt Letscher Eobard Thawne stated in latter episodes of the show, Thawne went back in time and hijacked Well's life so that he could create the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator much earlier and create The Flash [and subsequently, many of Flash's Rogue Gallery].  But Eddie's (Rick Cosnett) heroic sacrifice means that Wells never even existed so wouldn't that mean the timeline has been reset? Or does the alternate timeline continue on?  Said Kreisber, "Part of the fun of The Flash is when you have people dabbling in sci-fi physics, they’re significantly altering the world. We established in the finale that the entire series of The Flash is, in itself, an alternate timeline that’s been skewed from the real one. Wells setting off the accelerator created all the metahumans, and the results of the singularity will also have long-term effects."

Kreisberg confirmed that both Letscher and Cavanagh will be back in future episodes of the show but will Wells be the actual Harrison Wells or will he be the evil, Eobard Thawne version? Time travel raises a ton of questions and certainly doesn't provide any answers but all of the possibilities for Flash season 2 are very intriguing. 

Will you be looking forward to see what direction the show heads when it returns this Fall?

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THE FLASH: Latest Ezra Miller Exposé Includes NDAs, Alleged Grooming, And Reshoots On DC Comics Movie

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THE FLASH: Latest Ezra Miller Exposé Includes NDAs, Alleged Grooming, And Reshoots On DC Comics Movie
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