Henry Cavill Talks "Extensive" JUSTICE LEAGUE Reshoots, "Ridiculous" Marketing And Negative Response

Henry Cavill talks here about those Justice League reshoots, why he couldn't shave his moustache, hiding the Man of Steel from the movie's marketing campaign, and the negative response from critics...

You don't need us to tell you that Justice League was a disaster. Regardless of whether you loved or loathed the movie (or were somewhere in between), it was a critical and commercial disaster and means Warner Bros. has gone back to the drawing board with the franchise which might as well be as dead as Green Lantern was when it was released in 2011 to similar groans of disappointment. 

Now, Henry Cavill has finally weighed in on where things went wrong with Justice League and he started by addressing the bizarre situation with that damn moustache which caused so much hassle.

"I was slightly surprised. When we decided to go for the moustache, I certainly wasn't expecting all the events to unfold as they were going to unfold. I wasn't expecting Justice League reshoots to be as extensive as they were. When it came to that, it was one of those things where I'm in the middle of another movie, and to change my look for a movie that should have finished already becomes a real problem. And as you will see when the movie comes out, to have a fake moustache on would not have been a possibility. You'll think, 'Okay, yeah, a fake moustache would perhaps have been blown off in this situation.' Unfortunately, it led to much dismay when Justice League came out, but that's the nature of these things. You can't win every time."

When the interviewer put it to Cavill that everyone knew Superman was going to be in the movie despite him being absent from all marketing materials, the British actor acknowledged how silly that is but pointed out that there's not necessarily anything wrong keeping secrets from regular moviegoers.

"Yeah. Right there, with no moustache, at the very beginning of the movie [Laughs]. Well, that whole concept was faintly ridiculous and I honestly believe everyone viewed it as such. Of course, if I'm on the press tour I'm in the movie. Obviously, you knew, and that was a different little tap dance we danced together. But for the audience, I wanted to leave some mystery. I think it's important to have some mystery in movies these days."

Talk inevitably turned to the poor critical response Justice League received and Cavill chose his words carefully. "I think all these things have their place and their time," he says. "There are many reasons why the audience have responded in the way they responded. It's all lessons learned." I'm sure many of you will have some thoughts on those reasons so be sure to share them in the usual place. 

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