Micro-News: ANT-MAN Female Lead, Jude Law, THANOS And More

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is open to reuniting with director Edgar Wright on Ant-Man, Jude Law's looking for a superhero role, Marvel Comics talks about the impact of Thanos in The Avengers and Oz The Great and Powerful cast interviews.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was rumored to be up for the female lead in Captain America: The Winters Soldier but that role went to Emily Van Camp. However that didn't sour her on Marvel Studios. Here's her brief response when asked about Ant-Man.
“Sure, I can be in ‘Ant-Man.’ Why not? I love [Edgar] and hopefully we’ll work together again.”

We've seen some preview art from Thanos Rising and Marvel EIC Axel Alonso and writer Jason Aaron discussed the next step for the comic book side of the company following the villains end credit cameo in The Avengers.

Jason Aaron: Obviously, there's a lot of eyes on Thanos right now. Those two seconds at the end of "Avengers" put a spotlight on the character like never before. But this was something Axel had to kind of talk me into. I wasn't sure if the timing was right for me or if I was the right writer to do it, but the more he told me about it and how he saw this story, the more excited I got until I realized it was something I had to do....My objective going in was two-fold. For one, I wanted to create a story where if you saw the "Avengers" movie, and you walked out thinking "Who in the hell was that purple guy with the weird chin?" this is the book for you...On the other hand, if you're a longtime fan of Marvel Cosmic and you've read the Starlin stuff and know Thanos from back in the '70s, there are still pieces of that origin that get worked into this with some surprises along the way...even if you think you know how the story is going to go.

Axel Alonso: Our goal was to explain to anyone who’s never heard of Thanos who he is and why you should be scared s***less by him. [Laughter] Jason accomplishes that. “Thanos Rising” takes full measure of the source material. This is not a retcon or reboot of Thanos' origin. This is Thanos' origin boiled down to its essential core. Was it nature or nurture – or a little bit of both – that made him who he is?

Actor Jude Law participated in one of Empire Magazine's always entertaining webchats. Law provided an update on the status of Sherlock Holmes 3 and reasserts that he would like to play a superhero.
Well, [Sherlock Holmes 3] is in no state to talk about really. There's a script meeting in March, but there's a desire to do another one. We all took a very decisive break and now it's just starting to reassemble. (And on a comic book film of his own.)I'd love to be in a comic book film, but they seem to have all been done.

One of my favorite film sites, Buzzine has some cast interviews for Oz The Great and Powerful.

Sam Raimi: Mitchell Kapner wrote the screenplay and it was based not on any one of Baum's books, but on a number of his books. Baum wrote, in Books 2, 3, 4, and 5, little bits and pieces of how the Wizard got to the Land of Oz and who he was before, back in Kansas, and what happened to him.

Rachel Weisz: I just read the script and I loved how bad and evil and cruel and mean this lady is whilst having a lot of fun. So for me, I just had a lot of fun doing it.

Zach Braff: Well, filming the monkey, capturing him was tricky. Sometimes I was squatting down in, like, a blue onesie, and sometimes I was in a booth with cameras all over me. Sometimes I would operate a puppet. So there were lots of different ways we had to capture it, because it's a tricky thing to have an animated character with live-action people.

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Former ANT-MAN Director Edgar Wright Reveals He Recently Reached Out To Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige
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Former ANT-MAN Director Edgar Wright Reveals He Recently Reached Out To Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige

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