THE MARVELS Sees S.A.B.E.R. Incorrectly(?) Identify Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel As An "Inhuman"

THE MARVELS Sees S.A.B.E.R. Incorrectly(?) Identify Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel As An "Inhuman" THE MARVELS Sees S.A.B.E.R. Incorrectly(?) Identify Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel As An "Inhuman"

A newly discovered Easter Egg in The Marvels reveals S.A.B.E.R. lists Kamala Khan as an Inhuman, but is it a careless mistake or a hint that Ms. Marvel isn't the mutant we thought she was? Check it out...

By JoshWilding - Jan 06, 2024 10:01 AM EST
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Many characters undergo pretty significant changes during the transition from page to screen, but those made to Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel remain some of Marvel Studios' most divisive. 

The teenager's powers were completely altered and, in place of her stretchy, size/shape-shifting abilities were Green Lantern-style hard light powers. Eager to avoid connecting the MCU to Marvel Television's disastrous Inhumans TV series, Kamala was also revealed as a mutant in the finale's closing moments, with her latent powers activated by Kree Nega-Bands. 

In The Marvels, the hero gets her hands on a S.A.B.E.R. data pad with information about her background and powers. Upon closer inspection, we can see that she's labelled as an Inhuman, but what does this mean for the wider MCU? Likely not as much as it might appear on the surface. 

Reading through the details listed, it appears to be a mix of her live-action and comic book history, suggesting someone in the production department just got a little lazy. However, Marvel Studios must have realised a scene like this would be scrutinised by fans and it's possible that Inhumans mention is deliberate. 

Kamala clearly isn't a traditional mutant in the same vein as the X-Men, and the fact her powers were activated by alien technology could explain why she's been classed as "inhuman." With no word on when or where we'll see the character next - Ms. Marvel season 2 has never been announced - only time will tell when and if we get any definitive answers. 

Last year, Vellani revealed that Marvel Studios nearly didn't include the scene where Kamala is identified as a mutant in the Ms. Marvel finale. 

"The hardest part was when we were filming it. First of all, I couldn't keep it together. Every single time Matt Lintz would say 'mutation' - which still makes me giddy every time I say the word, I would just break. They even did his coverage first so I could hear it enough times so that by the time the camera rolled around to me, I was normal. It didn't work. First take, I was gone. It was just so cool! And it was one of the last things we shot, and it was nighttime in Atlanta. It was such like vibes, you know? It was very cool."

"But again, we didn't know if that was gonna make it into the cut. I think that was like the most annoying thing, filming it, because it was so cool, and I was having so much fun, and I just wanted people to see my excitement over it. And what an honor, you know, to use that M word for the first time in the MCU. So I'm very glad it made it in."

Take a closer look at this apparent Inhumans Easter Egg from The Marvels below. 

SABER mistakenly labelled Kamala Khan in The Marvels
byu/nazia987 inmarvelstudios

In The Marvels, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has reclaimed her identity from the tyrannical Kree and taken revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But unintended consequences see Carol shouldering the burden of a destabilized universe.

When her duties send her to an anomalous wormhole linked to a Kree revolutionary, her powers become entangled with that of Jersey City super-fan Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, now S.A.B.E.R. astronaut Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must team up and learn to work in concert to save the universe as "The Marvels."

The movie stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton and Park Seo-joon.

The Marvels doesn't currently have a confirmed release date on Disney+ or Digital/Blu-ray. 

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Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 10:46 AM
Marvel and Iman already talked about her being a mutant. She is a mutant. Why else would they have specifcally said so?
Evansly - 1/6/2024, 11:03 AM
@Drace24 - I haven't seen the movie so I could be completely off base but it seems to me that Mutants aren't really known about so they don't really have a category for it
Apophis71 - 1/6/2024, 11:27 AM
@Evansly - Yeh until they encounter a group calling themselves mutants, when all that was previously stated was having a mutation so putting aside the theme tune would apply to Inhumans (and many others) as well...

...more interesting that they have a classification of Inhuman potentialy implying that AoS and/or the Inhumans being at least loose canon is still out there as possible. Doesn't mean they will confirm but could show that at least similar encounters with Inhumans have already occured.

Also in the comics haven't they kept the Inhuman and shown her to be a Hybrid thus BOTH Inhuman AND Mutant?
dragon316 - 1/6/2024, 11:39 AM
@Drace24 - in comics she’s mutant is dumb live action could be something different like other marvel characters that are not same as comics moon knight costume goes on like venom not like that in comics is it? Don’t buy much marvel comics look at Spider-Man villians mysterio he’s not stunt guy who got fired he’s guy Tony stark fired
Apophis71 - 1/6/2024, 11:45 AM
@dragon316 - In comics she is both, revealed she is a hybrid with the both mutant and inhuman genetics I believe and initialy was always concieved to be just a mutant (but Marvel were trying to avoid Fox auto getting rights to any new characters at the time).
Ryguy88 - 1/6/2024, 1:12 PM
@Drace24 - yup, and they cant wait to force her into a lead role in the xmen...I'm sure that'll make people finally like her....🙄
eagc1995 - 1/6/2024, 3:14 PM
@Drace24 - I think someone in the VFX department, just copied and pasted info from the comics and never bothered to correct it

Heck, in Secret Invasion, they did the same as a file on Nick Fury was copied and pasted from the MCU wiki
McMurdo - 1/6/2024, 5:06 PM
@Drace24 - discount Kamala. No embiggen no Kamala. She's just a boring Green Lantern rip off
bobevanz - 1/6/2024, 11:05 AM
Why not s.w.o.r.d? Stupid
ObserverIO - 1/7/2024, 5:01 AM
@bobevanz - I think they already wasted that acronym on the Hydra squad in Winter Soldier.
Origame - 1/6/2024, 11:07 AM
If true, that'd be hilarious them backing down after seeing she wasn't as popular as they thought.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 11:38 AM
@Origame - But she is.
Origame - 1/6/2024, 11:44 AM
@Drace24 - ms marvel is one of the worst performing shows, then her theatrical appearance ended up being the biggest flop of the mcu, possibly the entire genre.

No, she isn't.
Urubrodi - 1/6/2024, 1:32 PM
@Drace24 - If she was that popular people would have wanted to see the movie, simple logic. If Spider-Man was in her place do you really think it would have still flopped? She clearly does not draw crowds in.
JustAWaffle - 1/6/2024, 3:58 PM
@Drace24 - Honestly, by what metric do you think otherwise? I seriously can’t wrap my head around it.
comicfan100 - 1/6/2024, 5:07 PM
@Origame - This movie was in production and probably finished when she was confirmed mutant in her show.
McMurdo - 1/6/2024, 5:07 PM
@Drace24 - she's popular in some multiverse universe yes. Just not ours.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:08 PM
@Urubrodi - The one consistently mentioned positive was "Iman Vellani was great!".

No my question is, why is it so important to you that she isn't?
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:10 PM
@JustAWaffle - Based on how frequently she is mentioned as the one positive aspect even in the worst reviews. You struggle wrapping your head around that?
Origame - 1/6/2024, 5:14 PM
@comicfan100 - ...are you not aware of the massive changes this movie went through in post production?
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:15 PM
@Origame - And yet she is consistently mentioned to be the best part of The Marvels. Can you tell me on a teddy bear where Iman Vellani hurt you?
Origame - 1/6/2024, 5:16 PM
@Drace24 - if in a high school, would you say a kid is popular because 5 kids really like them, despite the rest of the school not knowing or caring about them?
JustAWaffle - 1/6/2024, 5:17 PM
@Drace24 - There’s a big difference between output and reception. Just because there’s a big push doesn’t means she’s popular. Is there some real metric you can point to?
Origame - 1/6/2024, 5:18 PM
@Drace24 - also, literally mentioned nothing about Iman. But of course you gotta make it about hating the actor instead of just not caring for the character.
JustAWaffle - 1/6/2024, 5:21 PM
@Drace24 - And before you get the wrong idea, I thought she was the only good thing in the Marvels and I hope to see more of her in the future with better writers.

I just don’t think she’s popular with anything close to a majority.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:23 PM
@Origame - Wow... that reply came within a minute. Are you feeling okay, buddy? You are taking this suspiciously serious.

And to answer your question: Yes, obviously. By any imaginable metric having five friends in High School is a way above average amount. Not everybody needs to love you, as long as you have those who really love you. And you strike me as someone who really needs to hear that, honestly.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:28 PM
@Origame - Another one? Really? This is a very asymmetric conversation. Holy shit.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Of course you don't have an unhealthy negative obsession with an actress. But with a fictional character. You are a perfectly reasonable adult.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:29 PM
@McMurdo - I am just now learning that more people are obsessed with her than I thought, so... shows what you know, lol. XD
Origame - 1/6/2024, 5:30 PM
@Drace24 - well actually I came here for another comment then seeing you saying exactly the same thing to everyone else here.

And no, dude. That's just completely wrong. This here shows that 78% of people in high school have between 1 to 5 close friends.

And that's specifically close friends. Not just liking someone. I can name at least 5 people in high school that would probably say they like talking to me. And no, i don't consider myself popular in high school.

Quite frankly, if you view the idea of having 5 people who like you as popular tells me you need some friends 🤣
Origame - 1/6/2024, 5:31 PM
@Drace24 - Jesus, dude. I said one thing about the character. Then suddenly I have an obsession with her 🤣
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:34 PM
@JustAWaffle - Whatever the heck that even means. I'll gladly answer your bad faith question a second time: She seems very popular among people who liked the movie and even among those who didn't like it. Word of mouth is usually the metric we use for any public perception and this one is definitely a standout. I don't know why that is suddenly such a big challenge for certain people, but I am starting to see a pattern, lol.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:46 PM
@Origame - You posted like five comments in five minutes to one rando on the internet who casually mentioned a lot of people seem to have good things to say about Kamala which seems to have triggered you A LOT and... did you seriously just research therapy resources to prove how unpopular you were in High School (shocker) just to make whatever argument against Kamala stick? Wow... you sure showed me, pal.

Your whole thing makes me sad. I think I'm doing you a favor if I don't stirr you any further.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 5:48 PM
@McMurdo - What is a "multiverse universe"?
Origame - 1/6/2024, 6:02 PM
@Drace24 - well if you're just gonna ignore what I'm actually saying and just focus on how quick I reply and the fact I wasn't a popular kid in high school (I don't give a f@#$), really shows your logic here.

Also, I've got more people backing me up. Bare minimum my views on the matter are clearly more popular than yours. And I can guarantee if you're the kind of guy saying 5 people liking you in high school makes you popular, then I've always been more popular than you 🤣
WhateverItTakes - 1/6/2024, 7:28 PM
@Origame - one of the lowest watched MCU shows
Urubrodi - 1/6/2024, 7:30 PM
@Drace24 - You basically looked at what I said completely ignored it and threw in the trash. In what part of my comment do I talk about her performance? Isn't the topic of conversation the character's popularity? If someone is popular then people will want to see him/her, it's in the definition of the word. It's not because she was one of the better parts of a mediocre movie that that makes her popular. It's not important for me for her to be ignored, I do wish she was a better character though and I do wish you didn't skip the reading and compehension lessons at school.
Urubrodi - 1/6/2024, 7:33 PM
@Origame - Let's not forget being the main character in the Avengers game that completely failed.
Origame - 1/6/2024, 7:36 PM
@Urubrodi - and her comics keep getting canceled. There simply isn't the interest in the character that people at marvel (or a certain Draco guy) seems to think.
Drace24 - 1/6/2024, 7:50 PM
@Urubrodi - Yeah, that was Kamala's fault, not at all the greedy live-service model. Cling to that like a safety blanket, buddy.
Urubrodi - 1/6/2024, 7:57 PM
@Drace24 - Hahaha you're a joke, you ignored my whole comment to you to focus on the one I did to @Origame about the game. Yes, the game as a whole sucked, but putting Kamala as one of the main focuses sure didn't help. I was just giving examples of projects where she was one of the main characters and that failed, which are plenty. Point being she does not bring public on her own, hence not a popular character. Her series failed, her movie failed, the game failed and as Origame pointed out she can't keep a comic running to save her life. Such a popular character.... And if she is indeed one of the main characters of Marvel Zombies that will probably fail as well. Wanna bet?
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