SPIDER-MAN NOIR Villain Confirmed As THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN Star Brendan Gleeson Joins The Cast

SPIDER-MAN NOIR Villain Confirmed As THE BANSHEES OF INISHERIN Star Brendan Gleeson Joins The Cast

Prime Video and MGM+ have added another key piece to the cast of Spider-Noir as Academy Award-nominee Brendan Gleeson has joined the cast as the show's lead villain. But, who's he playing?

By RohanPatel - Jul 09, 2024 06:07 PM EST
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Source: Variety

After being rumored last week, Variety has confirmed that Academy Award-nominee Brendan Gleeson (The Banshees of Inisherin; Edge of Tomorrow; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) has joined the cast of Sony Pictures Television and Amazon MGM Studios' upcoming Spider-Noir live-action series as the show's lead villain.

Further details on his role were unavailable, but it seems probable that he'll be playing Spider-Man Noir's archnemesis Norman Osborn, who in this universe is a ruthless crime lord, with a vast criminal empire that is involved in a variety of illegal enterprises, including, but not limited to, bootlegging, gambling, and human trafficking. His activities ultimately put him in the path of our hero, who, throughout the comic miniseries, is seeking to bring justice to the corrupt and crime-ridden streets of New York. 

Gleeson joins a cast headlined by Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; National Treasure; Ghost Rider) as the titular hero and Lamorne Morris (New Girl; Bloodshot; Game Night) as Robbie Robertson. Sandman has also been rumored to appear.

Spider-Noir will debut domestically on MGM+’s linear channel and then globally on Amazon Prime Video. 

The show's official logline reads, "Spider-Noir, from executive producers/co-showrunners Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot, tells the story of an aging and down on his luck private investigator (Cage) in 1930s New York, who is forced to grapple with his past life as the city’s one and only superhero."

Both Oren Uziel (22 Jump Street; The Cloverfield Paradox; Mortal Kombat) and Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal; The Punisher; Behind Her Eyes) worked closely with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to develop this new show, which has been ordered straight to series. Lord and Miller will also serve as executive producers on Spider-Noir alongside Amy Pascal. 

Harry Bradbeer (Fleabag; Killing Eve; Enola Holmes) has been tapped to direct and executive produce the first two episodes. 

Spider-Man Noir has become an increasingly popular Spider-Man variant since his debut in 2009 in the four-issue miniseries Spider-Man: Noir. He then appeared in the video games Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time, which only furthered his popularity amongst fans, and finally made his film debut in the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where he was voiced by Cage.

With casting fully underway, we can expect filming to begin relatively soon, presumably before the end of the year, so expect a lot more casting news in the coming days/weeks, and stay locked into CBM for the latest as it happens.

Nicolas Cage's SPIDER-NOIR Will Reportedly Face The Sandman In Upcoming Live-Action Series

Nicolas Cage's SPIDER-NOIR Will Reportedly Face The Sandman In Upcoming Live-Action Series

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Malatrova15 - 7/9/2024, 6:56 PM
He will play The Kinpong
ModHaterSLADE - 7/9/2024, 6:59 PM
Some good casting so far.
mountainman - 7/9/2024, 6:59 PM
This sounds cool. We need more interesting one off shows like this.
four20smoke - 7/9/2024, 7:05 PM
Is this animated?
TheVisionary25 - 7/9/2024, 7:06 PM
@four20smoke - no , it’s live action though I wish it was a spin-off of Spiderverse.
kazuma - 7/9/2024, 7:08 PM
@four20smoke - It's live action.
kazuma - 7/9/2024, 7:07 PM
So he's not playing Peter?
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 7:22 PM
@kazuma - I think it was confirmed it won't be Peter some time ago.
If it helps to distinguish the concept, I don't mind
kazuma - 7/9/2024, 7:55 PM
@Slotherin - I remember hearing that but I thought that was a rumor. And idk if "it doesn't have to be Peter", is right, since this Peter also lost his uncle Ben. And we've seen all 3 live action spider-men on screen together. So I don't see how it would confuse people.
idk. Just seems unnecessary.
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 9:27 PM
@kazuma - we don't know how much they're taking from the comic... They already have at least one difference in that this appears to be a retired version whereas the comic dealt with a newbie didn't it?
THEKENDOMAN - 7/9/2024, 7:11 PM
Lord, this info seems to be getting better and better.

If this goes right like the info, this will be huge for Uncle Nic.

He needs a strong superhero comeback, and damn this casting is looking good. Brendan doesn't do shit, so again. Damn good casting.

jpleimann - 7/9/2024, 7:11 PM
He'll be The Owl, would fit with the gangster theme
TheVisionary25 - 7/9/2024, 7:21 PM
He wouldn’t be my choice for Norman Osborn but I guess it definitely depends on the take they are going for , especially if it is the crime boss version from the comics…

I do wonder then if we would get the former circus freak with skin disorder element though or not?.

User Comment Image

User Comment Image

This seems like a loose adaptation anyway so they might just reimagine the character for their own means if Gleeson is playing him so we’ll see.

I am more intrigued by this then I have been Sony’s other live action Marvel offerings so hope it turns out well!!.
IAmAHoot - 7/9/2024, 7:22 PM
Pretty sure that's the actor confirmed, not the villain...
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 7:28 PM
@IAmAHoot - yeah, for real
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 7:28 PM
This title is misleading
narrow290 - 7/9/2024, 7:39 PM
The Vulture was the villain in the comics. He was like a canibalistic serial killer. Scary! I don’t see Gleason being him though. Great cast so far!
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 9:28 PM
@narrow290 - there were multiple villains... Vulture just worked for the Goblin.
narrow290 - 7/10/2024, 9:59 AM
@Slotherin - Right on, its been so long. I am excited for this for sure!
narrow290 - 7/9/2024, 7:41 PM
It’s good to see positivity on here. It’s so easy to be negative about everything. Gas people up! Make em feel good. It’s free..
WruceBayne - 7/9/2024, 8:06 PM
@narrow290 - wait until they start showing set photos out of context and then watch everyone lose their skulls.
WhateverItTakes - 7/10/2024, 4:05 AM
@narrow290 - people are positive about good things.
harryba11zack - 7/9/2024, 7:44 PM
User Comment Image
Origame - 7/9/2024, 7:48 PM
They should get swarm. Not only is he a unique villain that can be fun to play with, he's also a nazi. So, you know, you can play off that line noir made about punching nazis.
HerrmanM - 7/9/2024, 7:48 PM
my ex boyfriend was just like this, black and shady.
OriginalGusto1 - 7/9/2024, 9:24 PM
@HerrmanM - Huh?
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 9:29 PM
@HermanM - I can appreciate that you've gotten a bit more fun at least
HerrmanM - 7/9/2024, 9:54 PM
@OriginalGusto1 - Which part are you confused by? Boyfriend or black?
OriginalGusto1 - 7/9/2024, 9:58 PM
@HerrmanM - Lil from column A, lil from column B.
HerrmanM - 7/9/2024, 9:59 PM
@OriginalGusto1 - You should try column D… mmmm.
OriginalGusto1 - 7/9/2024, 10:04 PM
@HerrmanM - Don't get me wrong...That cable TV show Hap & Leonard was based on the real life adventures of me and my best friend @Nomis929. He's black, kinda, also...super gay.
Nomis929 - 7/9/2024, 10:11 PM
@OriginalGusto1 - I think our adventures were more like sheriff Bart and the Wacko Kid from "Blazing Saddles".
User Comment Image
OriginalGusto1 - 7/9/2024, 10:47 PM
@Nomis929 - Where all the white women at?
BlackStar25 - 7/9/2024, 7:51 PM
Cast so far has been really good!
TheLobster - 7/9/2024, 7:54 PM
Goddamn, the casting for this is pretty hype!
Chuck420Taylor - 7/9/2024, 7:55 PM
So like Gangs of New York?
Rosraf - 7/9/2024, 8:33 PM
@Chuck420Taylor - you're off about 70 years
Mrtoke - 7/9/2024, 8:23 PM
just a rumor but Austin Butler is in talks for Jack Sparrow. Eh. He's good but he doesn't seem like a leading actor to me. Even in The Bikeriders, where he was supposed to be the star but it was more his on screen wife and Tom Hardy.
Slotherin - 7/9/2024, 9:30 PM
@Mrtoke - the fact they would even try to do Jack Sparrow without Depp is wild to me...
Order66 - 7/9/2024, 10:22 PM
@Mrtoke - Austin Butler is my Gambit.
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