Warner Bros. Is Releasing A BLACK ADAM/THE FLASH 4K Blu-ray 2-Pack For Some Reason

Warner Bros. Is Releasing A BLACK ADAM/THE FLASH 4K Blu-ray 2-Pack For Some Reason Warner Bros. Is Releasing A BLACK ADAM/THE FLASH 4K Blu-ray 2-Pack For Some Reason

What did we do to deserve this? Warner Bros. has quietly confirmed plans to release Black Adam and The Flash as a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray 2-pack, though it's all but guaranteed to eventually hit bargain bins.

By JoshWilding - Aug 12, 2023 03:08 AM EST
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Look, we know Black Adam and The Flash both bombed at the box office but is Warner Bros. trying to now punish us for that? 

For reasons we don't fully understand, the studio will release a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray 2-pack this October featuring both movies. We weep for those who will find this waiting for them under the Christmas tree in December, with unwitting parents and partners buying their loved ones what looks like a fun time on the surface.

It's hard to fathom why these two movies would be bundled together, but the set is real and brings together two of the DCEU's biggest bombs in one place.

Black Adam took a bigger mauling from critics than The Flash, but was the bigger financial success when all was said and done (which isn't something anyone could have predicted a year ago).

The Scarlet Speedster's solo outing, meanwhile, was dubbed the "greatest" superhero movie ever by James Gunn, only to be rejected by audiences and largely forgotten in the months since. Neither character is now expected to be part of the new DCU, though Andy Muschietti has somehow found himself tasked with directing The Brave and the Bold

"Come for The Rock’s pitch-perfect take on Black Adam and stay for an unmissable post-credits scene," we said in our Black Adam review. "Then, just try to forget everything else, because this brainless, brawny superhero movie is not the fresh start the DCEU desperately needs."

As for The Flash, we concluded our verdict by saying, "Far from the greatest superhero movie ever made and not quite among the worst, The Flash is still another mediocre effort from the DCEU with appalling VFX and a messy story that the excellent Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle alone are unable to save."

Here's a first look at perhaps the scariest thing heading our way this Halloween...

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7 Alternate/Cut Comic Book Movie Endings Which Would Have Been So Much Better (Or Potentially Worse)

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CoHost - 8/12/2023, 3:41 AM
6 flops in a row. Unbelievable.
Th3Batman - 8/12/2023, 4:26 AM
@CoHost - 7 actually.

Birds of Prey
Wonder Woman 1984
The Suicide Squad
Black Adam
Shazam 2
The Flash

9 if you add Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2 to the mix.
CoHost - 8/12/2023, 4:32 AM
@Th3Batman - Shazam performed well enough. Or else they wouldn't have made the sequel in the first place. It helps it had a below $100m budget.
SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 5:48 AM
@CoHost - I can’t wait till the squeeze the rest of the current continuity out so we can move on.
TheHumanSpider2 - 8/12/2023, 8:44 AM
@Th3Batman - Shazam didnt bomb, though
Th3Batman - 8/12/2023, 11:00 AM
@TheHumanSpider2 - Making less than $400 million worldwide during the golden age of comic book movies isn't exactly a success. That same year Captain Marvel made over a billion at the box office.
TheHumanSpider2 - 8/12/2023, 11:37 AM
@Th3Batman - It had a budget of $90M.
It didnt bomb.
Th3Batman - 8/12/2023, 11:50 AM
@TheHumanSpider2 - Joker's budget was even less at 50 million, and R rated, and went on to make over a billion. Yes, Shazam didn't lose $$$, but it failed to get butts in seats.
ElvenKingSlayer - 8/13/2023, 6:46 AM
@Th3Batman - Aren't you forgetting something? Yourself. . .
Th3Batman - 8/13/2023, 9:44 AM
@ElvenKingSlayer - The Batman managed to make $750 million on a limited 45 day theatrical window, with theaters around certain parts of the world not running at full capacity, or outright shutting down like in China. It managed to bring in an additional $20 million AFTER being released on streaming. Under normal circumstances, it would've easily crossed the billion $ mark, which explains why it's the only project besides Joker getting a sequel.
ElvenKingSlayer - 8/14/2023, 2:07 AM
@Th3Batman - Precisely. So not 7 in a row.
Th3Batman - 8/14/2023, 2:44 AM
@ElvenKingSlayer - The Batman isn't part of the DCEU.
ElvenKingSlayer - 8/14/2023, 2:47 AM
@Th3Batman - And the headline says Warner Bros
dracula - 8/12/2023, 3:59 AM
Can't wait for Superman Legacy

really is time to
bobevanz - 8/12/2023, 4:08 AM
Vampires are stupid
Knightrider - 8/12/2023, 4:14 AM
I guess they both have lightning bolts
SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 6:38 AM
@Knightrider - hmmm…. Valid
obarium - 8/13/2023, 3:37 PM
@Knightrider - Lightning *does* strike twice, and those strikes killed the DC brand...
LenSkivorskiJr - 8/12/2023, 4:14 AM
Black Adam was cool that’s why
bobevanz - 8/12/2023, 4:17 AM
Where's @BlackandYellow and @Cipher! I miss you, also where is @Nebula!
Spike101 - 8/12/2023, 4:25 AM
Say what you wish but enjoyed both these movies if you leave aside the bits that were clearly hacked about with the sole purpose to distance them from any ongoing links to whatever comes next.
SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 6:44 AM
@Spike101 - I mean Black Adam literally had a Henry Cavil Superman cameo. I’m pretty sure they weren’t trying to separate themselves from anything at that point
dragon316 - 8/12/2023, 8:07 AM
@Spike101 - good and bad everything have there fans even people will disagree with you hate you for it I like black Adam over flash cameos in flash made it better for me
Spike101 - 8/12/2023, 9:13 AM
@dragon316 - that’s very true. I watched Black Adam on a flight expecting a truly awful movie after reading some of the write ups and it wasn’t until the final moments of the movie that I had anything to complain about and even then it was only that it was a little disjointed, presumably because it had been hacked about so much.
76cidgrad - 8/12/2023, 4:28 AM
Do the math: 2 x 0 =0
Reeds2Much - 8/12/2023, 4:50 AM
Now I can not add these in my physical media collection twice as fast. Quite efficient, really.
FireandBlood - 8/12/2023, 4:57 AM
Tell us you’re struggling without telling us you’re struggling
ObserverIO - 8/12/2023, 5:07 AM
I would take a Keaton trilogy box set on 4k, but not this cheap-ass double floppy bargain bin crap.
ObserverIO - 8/12/2023, 5:09 AM
In fact the only way I would ever buy The Flash on physical media is if it was also packaged with Batman and Batman Returns on 4K, because I don't have 4K copies of those movies and that would be a good excuse.
SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 5:45 AM
Not Awesome - the box set available on blu ray
Lokiwasright - 8/12/2023, 6:16 AM
When do they ever announce combo packs?
SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 6:46 AM
@Lokiwasright - when they have two films that they’re trying to figure out a way to break even on
TheDpool - 8/12/2023, 6:23 AM
For some reason? It's so there's more of a chance both movies will be bought.
batmanink - 8/12/2023, 8:29 AM
@TheDpool - honestly these headlines and articles are just getting more and more mean spirited. And yeah “for some reason” is meant to be snarky funny, I know, but anyone claiming to be a journalist should understand that it would be part of their job to explain the reason with the article, not beg rhetorical questions with the headline just to sound like the cool kid.
CaptainScotland - 8/12/2023, 6:25 AM
Just trying to get rid of those discs in the warehouse
SuperCat - 8/12/2023, 6:32 AM
Blergh - 8/12/2023, 6:32 AM
I would have put Black Adam into a tripple pack with Shazam 1/2 tbh.

As a collector I think these value packs make sense, by selling two or three movies at the price of one you can still motivate non collectors to get these discs. To add Blu-Rays these days can hold up to three movies without no loss of quality. So by packing three movies on one disc they'd also save on money.
Later they can even sell these individual packs together as "The Complete DCEU Pack".

DCEU - Chapter One:
Man of Steel - Batman v Superman - Justice League Whedon/Snyder Cut

DCEU - Chapter Two:
Suicide Squad - The Suicide Squad - Birds of Prey

DCEU - Chapter Three:
Shazam! - Shazam!: Fury of the Gods - Black Adam

DCEU - Chapter Four:
Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman 1984

DCEU - Chapter Five:
Aquaman - Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom - The Flash

I would generally love for WB/DC to have the guts to update their complete editions with extended material that hasn't been released in HD before:

Batman '89 Saga (USP: premiere release of Catowman in HD & first ever release of Batgirl):
Batman 89 - Batman Returns - Batman Forever - Batman & Robin - Catwoman - Batgirl

Batman '66 Trilogy (USP: complete collection of the Adam West movies):
Batman: The Movie - Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders - Batman vs. Two Face

The Superman Saga (USP: first ever HD release of Supergirl):
Superman - Superman II Theatrical & Donner Cut - Superman III - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace - Superman Returns - Supergirl

The Dark Knight Saga (USP: first ever HD release of Gotham Knight):
Batman Begins - Batman: Gotham Knight - The Dark Knight - The Dark Knight Rises

The Justice League Dark Collection (USP: first ever HD release of both Swamp Thing movies):
Swamp Thing - The Return of Swamp Thing - Constantine - Jonah Hex

As a collector I would definitely buy these given the first HD releases of a few neglected films.
I'm still pissed that there's an entire animated movie set in the Nolan universe that has gotten no love at all.

SDCA27 - 8/12/2023, 6:43 AM
@Blergh - Gotham Knights? I think I still have that on my book case somewhere
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