EXCLUSIVE: BOOSTER GOLD Creator Dan Jurgens Discusses the Upcoming SyFy TV Series, THOR, & SUPERMAN

Dan Jurgens reveals if he'll have any input on the SyFy television series for Booster Gold, and shares which villain he'd like to see. He also discusses his past work on Thor, and most recent work on Superman.

You are extremely talented, that rare double threat, you're both a writer and an artist in the comic book industry. If you had to choose between writing or illustrating, which is more rewarding?
The thing I explain to people, is that when I write AND draw a story, I don't see it as two different jobs at all. It's one, cohesive process. Frankly, it's a more natural process than having a specific writer and a specific artist.

So, with that in mind, it'd be harder to pick between the two. I'd probably go with being a writer, because that would allow me to work with some fabulous artists. Artists are generally a bit more laid back. Some writers tend to be more tightly wound, always looking to make their pitch while plotting to knock their fellow writers off books.

I really enjoyed your work on Thor. Your story arc that revolved around the death of Odin was bold and refreshing, but the writer that followed your run undid all that by having Thor change that past. Is that frustrating?
I look at it this way: Any writer can come along and change whatever I wrote. However, the existence of those stories can't be erased from the shelves.

I'm content that our work on Thor stands on its own merit. I got to work with some talented people, both in terms of artists and editors, and am generally satisfied with what we did.

I have to ask, did you enjoy the way Thor was handled in Kenneth Branagh's featured film version?
I enjoyed the film a great deal. I've always loved the Destroyer and it was great to see him visualized. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

Whenever they get Thor 2 sorted out, which villain from the Thor universe would you most like to see on the screen?
Oh, wow. Obviously, Loki should always be a part of things somehow. Hela and Magog would make for a great story, though I think an earth based sequence with the Wrecking Crew would be huge fun.

Recently news was announced that SyFy Channel had ordered a pilot for the character Booster Gold, which you created. Will you have any input on that television show?
Not at present.

Is there anything about Booster Gold that you think may not translate to the television series?
No. I think the concepts that surround Booster fit TV very, very well. Who better to put on TV than a guy who always wants to be on TV?

Booster Gold is a fame whore, and when he was created we didn't have the Kim Kardashians of the world or the the Spencer Pratts. Do you think Booster Gold should embrace some of the modern techniques of becoming famous without doing much of anything to earn it?
I wouldn't go that far.

The basic concept of who Booster is and what he wants fits the world today even better than 1985. But it's important to remember that he's a hero as well. "Fame whore" is too strong and too negative, in terms of a description. It's just that, while other heroes are content to have their work go unrecognized, Booster enjoys the recognition, fame and financial rewards that can be a part of it.

A great running gag with Booster Gold is that he has been confused with other superheroes, or people don't say his name properly. First, is that something that you came up with? Secondly, do you think that will be part of the show?
Yeah, I believe I took that approach back when the character first debuted. I have no idea if it would be part of the show.

Do you think the show will introduce villains from the DC Universe, or come up with new villains?
I assume it would be a mixture of both.

If the show can introduce a villain from the DC universe who would you like to see go up against Booster Gold?
Probably a time based villain, like The Time Trapper.

Do you expect the character will have the ability to fly?
Oh, yeah. It's an indispensable part of who he is.

I also understand that you're currently illustrating and co-writing Superman with Keith Giffen. How is that coming along? And can you hint at what's to come?
Yeah, Superman is job one, right now.

We're really trying to push things a bit here, finding what works for Superman in this new DCU, while not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I think we have some great treats and surprises coming, not just for Superman, but Clark Kent as well.

Is there any villain in Superman's rogue gallery that you'd like to put your own spin on?
Hmm... in some ways, I've already done that. I think the trick is to find some villains that are somewhat expandable into something slightly different.

To start with, however, we want to deal with new concepts.

Since Brainiac's introduction decades ago, computers have gone from a foreign or luxury item to something that has become commonplace and familiar. How does this affect your ability to use him as a vilain?
I don't think there's any question that Brainiac has to change from the way he was originally portrayed. Not just because computers are more common, but mostly because he was a bit goofy back then.

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