RUMOR: DC Studios Developing A HUMAN TARGET Project Based On Tom King's Comic Book Run

RUMOR: DC Studios Developing A HUMAN TARGET Project Based On Tom King's Comic Book Run

According to a new rumour, the latest character to be lined up for a role in the DCU is Christopher Chance, a.k.a. the Human Target (with Tom King basing it on his comic book run). Read on for details...

By JoshWilding - Jun 17, 2024 09:06 AM EST
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Source: FilmFront

With James Gunn calling the shots at DC Studios, we're expecting a far greater number of obscure characters from the comics to get their chance to shine in the new DCU. 

That's exciting for fans and if a new rumour shared by FilmFront is anything to go by, a Human Target TV series is also in development.

Comic book writer Tom King (who is working on Lanterns and inspired Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow with his series of the same name) has reportedly been working on the projects since the start of 2024. He'll be Human Target's main writer and the search for a showrunner - and lead star - is said to be underway. 

As you might expect, Gunn and Peter Safran will executive produce. 

Warner Bros. launched a Human Target TV series in 2010 starring Mark Valley as Christopher Chance. That ran for two seasons - a total of 25 episodes - on Fox, while Wil Traval played the character in a 2016 episode of Arrow. Long before both of those, Rick Springfield played Chance in a 1992 TV series.

Len Wein and Carmine Infantino created the character in 1972's Action Comics #419. The original Human Target, Christopher Chance, is a master impersonator and bodyguard who assumes the identities of people targeted for assassination.

We're a little surprised to see DC Studios return to this particular well, but enough time has arguably passed for us to see the Human Target back on our screens. Helping matters is the fact this is another character King has reinvented in recent years. 

Here's the official description of his Human Target comic which, presumably, will serve as a basis for the show:

Christopher Chance has 12 days to solve his own murder! Superstar writer Tom King and acclaimed artist Greg Smallwood team for a new, noir examination of a classic DC character!

Christopher Chance has made a living out of being a human target - a man hired to disguise himself as his client to invite would-be assassins to attempt his murder. He’s had a remarkable career until his latest case protecting Lex Luthor when things go sideways.

An assassination attempt Chance didn’t see coming leaves him vulnerable and left trying to solve his own murder, as he has 12 days to discover just who in the DC Universe hated Luthor enough to want him dead by slow-acting poison. And the prime suspects happen to be...the Justice League International?

Human Target is a hard-boiled, gritty story in the vein of classic detective noirs, told by bestselling and critically acclaimed creators Tom King and Greg Smallwood!

Are you excited about a possible Human Target relaunch on Max?

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ObserverIO - 6/17/2024, 9:29 AM
Bout time this franchise was given another Chance.
CyberNigerian - 6/17/2024, 9:30 AM
@ObserverIO - heh
Feralwookiee - 6/17/2024, 9:31 AM
@ObserverIO - User Comment Image
lazlodaytona - 6/17/2024, 10:14 AM
@ObserverIO - Never even heard of it and I'm a huge DC guy.
Blergh - 6/17/2024, 10:23 AM
@lazlodaytona - essentially DCs version of Chameleon as a good guy. Takes the face and look of potential assassination targets and solves the case while being in the crosshairs himself
lazlodaytona - 6/17/2024, 2:34 PM
@Blergh - ok. now I'm intrigued....
Deadinside - 6/17/2024, 2:45 PM
@lazlodaytona - Search for the series starring Mark Valley. The very first episode really sets the tone. Jackie Earl Haley plays Guerrero & he is awesome...!☮️👍
lazlodaytona - 6/18/2024, 9:15 AM
@Deadinside - thanks for the direction dude!
Deadinside - 6/18/2024, 9:33 AM
@lazlodaytona - 👍😁☮️
HermanM - 6/17/2024, 9:30 AM
Tom King: supremely overrated CIA guy turned writer via nepotism.
Feralwookiee - 6/17/2024, 9:30 AM
User Comment Image
lazlodaytona - 6/17/2024, 10:16 AM
@Feralwookiee - Kinda seems they should make sure they develop/establish the big names first before putting obscure characters in the universe.
clintthahamster - 6/17/2024, 10:29 AM
@lazlodaytona - IDK, I'd rather see them poke around the corners of the "universe." We've had a Wonder Woman, two Supermen, and three Batmen (not counting TV) in the last 20 years. I'm excited about seeing what Gunn and Safran do with those Characters, but I'm more excited to see what ELSE they've got cooking.
Baf - 6/17/2024, 10:32 AM
@lazlodaytona - I mostly agree with your statement however, superhero fatigue is a real thing. If I even suggest watching a superhero themed movie my entire family cringes. With that said, I think it's good to showcase some of these obscure characters that have fresh stories to keep the genre moving forward.
lazlodaytona - 6/17/2024, 2:37 PM
@clintthahamster - I'm definitely excited about exploring obscure characters (hello The Question having a series) but I'm not sure the general audience will get on board with these not-so-known characters right away until they see the high quality main character's films and The Lanterns series.
lazlodaytona - 6/17/2024, 2:38 PM
@Baf - I can get on board with that
Origame - 6/17/2024, 9:30 AM
I think it makes sense for a show. One thing that hasn't been explored too much is his connection to the dc universe (in terms of live action), so this could be interesting.
Blergh - 6/17/2024, 10:20 AM
@Origame - he was on one or two episodes of Arrow taking Tommys face to rescue Oliver from the law.
That’s all I remember of the character interacting with the wider DC universe.

His two shows were pretty stand alone.
Origame - 6/17/2024, 10:36 AM
@Blergh - oh I know about that. But that was it for the entirety of the arrowverse. He didn't even get his own spin off. And that was it for dc reping.

But this show being in the dcu means we can get all kinds of dc representation. One episode could be helping a diplomat, the other could be about lex luthor. Another could deal with corto maltese.
Blergh - 6/17/2024, 11:47 AM
@Origame - totally, actually a great chance to flesh out the new DCU without having to do solo movies. Kinda what Marvel should have done with AoS but instead devolved into Inhumans of Shield
Origame - 6/17/2024, 11:52 AM
@Blergh - I did like agents of shield conceptually. But they should've planned the crossover stuff better. The dark world episode being just the gang cleaning up after the battle then dealing with a no name asgardian wasn't it.
CyberNigerian - 6/17/2024, 9:33 AM
Tom King is really eating now.

Everyone wanted a piece of Geoff Johns years ago.

I better get into comics and fast...
WaffeX - 6/17/2024, 9:36 AM
Timothy Olyphant for Christopher Chance
Mrtoke - 6/17/2024, 9:43 AM
Is a show about The Question that hard to do? No. Do it, DC.
Reeds2Much - 6/17/2024, 9:43 AM
I don't buy it. Was a decent read, but just not the kind of narrative that a general audience would get behind. Basically a ton of exposition dumps with a few sprinkles of action. Not the kind of thing you release when you're trying to rebuild your brand.
TheVisionary25 - 6/17/2024, 9:54 AM
Honestly I buy it due to Tom King’s involvement and Gunn himself has praised the comic once before aswell

User Comment Image

The premise sounds interesting and given that this universe will have somewhat established heroes , I can see them sticking close to it fairly closely aswell.

I’m down for it!!.
TheVisionary25 - 6/17/2024, 9:56 AM
Billy Crudup or Matt Bomer for Christopher Chance

User Comment Image

User Comment Image
comicfan100 - 6/17/2024, 10:09 AM
Make this a Mad Men styled 007 inspired spy flick with superheroes. It'll be fun.
thewanderer - 6/17/2024, 10:12 AM
I enjoyed the 2010 show.
TheVisionary25 - 6/17/2024, 10:24 AM
@thewanderer - me too , it was fun!!.

User Comment Image
comicfan100 - 6/17/2024, 10:27 AM
@TheVisionary25 - Had to do a double take to make sure that wasn't Maximillian Dood on the left, lol
FlixMentallo21 - 6/17/2024, 1:04 PM
@TheVisionary25 - And funnily enough, Indira Varma is voicing the Bride on Creature Commandos.
Blergh - 6/17/2024, 10:22 AM
I’m still trying to get a hold of the 80s television show. The 2010 adaption was fun but I’d like to see the old one in HD

HistoryofMatt - 6/17/2024, 10:41 AM
The first season of Human Target on FOX was amazing. Seriously great work by all involved. They took it seriously and it was a great show. Then FOX, in all their wisdom, fired the show runner and brought in a writer from Chuck to run the show who had never run a show, ever. He did everything he could to turn Human Target, which was adult and serious with some humor, into a goofy Chuck Light. He got rid of Bear McCreary as the composer for the show, brought in Chuck's composer and his lame synths, and inserted even more lame needle drops of contemporary pop songs into the show.

It 100% ruined the show. The second season was awful. Talk about taking something great and FUBAR-ing it all up.
WarMonkey - 6/18/2024, 6:13 AM
@HistoryofMatt - I remember all that, it used to be one of my favorite shows. I recall reading an article about how they wanted to expand the audience from mostly men to try and get more female viewers in season 2. So they hired some women actors and then made the show about relationships and feelings in an office setting instead of the kick-ass action and bond between the 3 leads. It was quickly cancelled not long after.
HammerLegFoot - 6/17/2024, 11:02 AM
Armie Hammer for the win. Bring that career back in style.
DocSpock - 6/17/2024, 11:11 AM

This was a good comic.

The 2010 TV show was a tale of 2 seasons. The first season was excellent in most every way. Then they changed up practically everything in the second season, turned it into a clown show, and killed it.

In the right hands, this could be an excellent character in the new DCU.
Izaizaiza - 6/17/2024, 11:52 AM
That was a fantastic book. I just read it a few months ago, and was sad when I finished. If they do it, I hope they do it right. This is DEFINITELY A show that doesn't need a huge budget or epic set pieces
NinnesMBC - 6/17/2024, 8:52 PM
Gunn really has a thing for Tom King's works and apparently can't help but play around with the potential to adapt them now that he's in charge, huh.
Radiokambodia - 6/18/2024, 12:40 PM
Ana de Armas for Ice.

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