SPIDER-MAN NOIR TV Show Webs Up THE PUNISHER Showrunner; Drew Goddard Eyed For SPIDER-MAN 4?

SPIDER-MAN NOIR TV Show Webs Up THE PUNISHER Showrunner; Drew Goddard Eyed For SPIDER-MAN 4?

Tom Holland Confirms SPIDER-MAN 4 Talks, But Says He Won’t Make Another One For The Sake Of It
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Tom Holland Confirms SPIDER-MAN 4 Talks, But Says He "Won’t Make Another One For The Sake" Of It

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FoiledCranium - 2/7/2022, 2:43 PM
Why can't I view the entire list without having to click next?
FoiledCranium - 2/7/2022, 2:49 PM
@Waddles - That makes sense. I have to clear my browser of everything every time I log in, so I browse casually. I only really sign in to make a comment.

The coding on this site is hard to deal with sometimes.
Thank you for shining some light on the situation.
JoesBrother - 2/7/2022, 2:48 PM
I mean, in regards to #2, didn't we already see The Daily Bugle? It's very low budget and DIY, but we saw it.

Though I suppose it could evolve into more of a TMZ style office in the next one, with JJJ like hanging around a shoddy bullpen rather than being in an office like the Raimi movies.
Spock0Clock - 2/7/2022, 3:57 PM
@JoesBrother - There's a lot of rich irony in having Peter supplying JJJ with Spider-Man information after NWH wiped everyone's memories of who Spider-Man is. But I just don't like this Jameson or this Bugle.

Yes, it's always been a rag, but the the MCU version just feels like a really terrible media outlet. Maybe if Peter is simultaneously pranking and subverting the Bugle while he works there, you can play it for laughs, but it's hard to see them playing it straight. (Though General Ross transitioned from a cigar-chomping tank-head to Secretary of State, so maybe they can sort of soft-reboot the Bugle and Jameson, too. Maybe handwave it as "new owners" with a different philosophy.)
TheSuperMex - 2/7/2022, 4:22 PM
@JoesBrother - i can see them upgrading the Daily Bugle in the next one. We saw it low budget at first with only JJJ to an Alex Jones/The Young Turks style of internet “news” show. I can them upgrading to newspapers and more.
NinnesMBC - 2/7/2022, 2:49 PM
The origin story is going to be most likely explored in the animated series Freshman Year.
ChrisRed - 2/7/2022, 2:59 PM
No need for the origin. Animated show has that covered.
Next trilogy should include imo:
- College Peter
- New supporting characters and love interest
- Symbiote story arc with the black suit and Venom-Scorpion
- Crossover with Daredevil and Kingpin
- Hobgoblin and Black Cat
- Final showdown with Sinister Six (Vulture, Mysterio, Shocker, Scorpion, Hobgoblin and Chameleon)
datfigures - 2/7/2022, 3:00 PM
Agree with most except the origin story. The “Home Trilogy” was his origin story. Aunt May played the role Uncle Ben did. Finding out about the spider’s origins is fine especially if Miles is down the road. (Miles…down the road? Anyone? 🥁)

But having it be Stark related and going back to show how Ben was such an important influence over May is the opposite of moving the story forward.
UncleHarm1 - 2/7/2022, 3:00 PM
Josh is writing fan fic now
Mortagon - 2/7/2022, 3:03 PM
They should take him back to the streets. Have Kingpin as the villain and make it a team up movie with Daredevil. You could throw in some secondary villains like Scorpion and Black cat. You could throw in the symbiote suit and make Peter a darker character but you could also save the symbiote for a sequel or a crossover movie like secret wars to make it more like the comics.
bkmeijer2 - 2/7/2022, 5:47 PM
@Mortagon - that's exactly what I wanna see in the next movie. Having Spider-Man with a black suit in 4, and then have Kraven come for symbiote Spider-Man in 5.
lordSTALE - 2/7/2022, 3:03 PM
My 7 essentials to make sure I love the second trilogy for MCU Spider-Man

1. More
2. Of
3. The
4. Same
5. But
6. With
7. Daredevil

ModHaterSLADE - 2/7/2022, 3:12 PM
Happy as long as Spidey and Daredevil team up to take on Kingpin.
whynot - 2/7/2022, 3:29 PM
We just got a 5 heroes vs 4 villians story. Idk that we need a sinister 6 movie if Peter can’t even handle 4 villains solo. We just got that version of the movie. Can’t have a spider team up every time Peter has to fight multiple villains.
Give me
a kraven movie 4
a hobgoblin movie with Ned 5
And 6 should focus on him training miles maybe with the villian being venom Scorpion type deal
bkmeijer2 - 2/7/2022, 5:53 PM
@whynot - I do wanna see a Sinister Six movie eventually, but not right away either.

Give me Spider-Man and Daredevil vs Scorpion and Kingpin in 4, Symbiote Spider-Man vs Kraven in 5, and Sinister Six (Ock, Hobgoblin/Ned, Vulture, Shocker, Mysterio and Scorpion) in 6
generictheeric - 2/7/2022, 3:47 PM
The wider MCU audience likes the bumbling "aw shucks" never-grow-up Peter Pan Parker. Sony knows this and that's why Tom Holland acts like literally the same character in the Uncharted movie.

It's never going away.

TheRationalNerd - 2/7/2022, 3:55 PM
Spider-Man 4

*Gets Symbiote*


*Introduce Osborne, Harry and Gwen*

Sony does solo Kraven's Last Hunt film.

Spider-Man 5

*Ditches Symbiote*

Hammer Head
Tomb Stone

*Daredevil Team Up*

*Osborne becomes Goblin*

Sony does Sinister Six Solo spin-off building up more on the team Shocker, Vulture, Mysterio recruited by Doc Ock (play with the roster a bit so that in the end the team has the classic line up)

Spider-Man 6

Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6

Osborne kills Gwen and MJ is reintroduced at the end as a sign of hope for Pete's love life moving forward.
AC1 - 2/7/2022, 3:58 PM
Stopped reading after the bit where you implied we hadn't seen the Spider-Sense visually acknowledged in the MCU... WHAT?!

The entire final fight of Far From Home is all based around Peter learning to master his Spider-Sense in order to fight through Mysterio's illusions and take out the hidden drones that are all shooting at him - we see him close his eyes, take a deep breath, and expertly take on all the drones in a matter of seconds without a single misstep.

To top that off, No Way Home has not one, but TWO INCREDIBLE Spider-Sense sequences - first we got a recreation of the familiar comic book imagery of wavy lines emanating from Peter's head as his Spider-Sense kicks in when Dr Strange separates his astral form from his physical body, and we get to see that his Spider-Sense is so strong that his body still reacts to danger even when his soul is elsewhere!

And THEN we get that incredible, tense long take where Peter's Spider-Sense kicks in at Foggy's apartment causing him to realise one of the villains is going to turn on everyone and put them all in danger, and we focus on Peter as he tries to use his senses to figure out who it is, resulting in him realising Norman's Goblin persona has once again taken over.
Reeds2Much - 2/7/2022, 4:14 PM
TheSuperMex - 2/7/2022, 4:29 PM
What I would like to see is Peter as a freshmen in college getting a job as photographer as the Daily Bugle, JJJ involved with the creation of Scorpion with the Kingpin bank rolling it, Black Cat as the new love interest, Spider-Man fights Shocker in the beginning of the movie, and have after credits have the symbiote in NYC and set up a gang war between Kingpin and Hammerhead.
marvel72 - 2/7/2022, 4:40 PM
I agree with most of these but the supporting cast suck balls in every Spidey MCU movie,I don't want any of them to get more screen time.

I watch these movies for Spider-Man and whoever the villain is.
bkmeijer2 - 2/7/2022, 5:56 PM
@marvel72 - if Felicia Hardy is Peter's supporting cast but also Spider-Man's (minor) villain, what then?

Sure could lead to some interesting dynamics. Especially if they keep it both seperate.
marvel72 - 2/9/2022, 4:57 PM
@bkmeijer - The current crop of Peter's friends are annoying and unfunny.

MJ was more tolerable in No Way Home,which was surprising considering the last two outings.
dragon316 - 2/7/2022, 4:53 PM
We don’t need another origin other two spiderman movies got that coverd people allready complaining about how many times is dc movies telling origin of Batman
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