FEATURE: Ten Actors Who Should Be Considered To Play THE FLASH

With the Scarlet Speedster most likely making his big screen debut as a core member in Warner Bros.' Justice League movie in 2015, I've compiled a list of ten actors who I would love to see portray The Fastest Man Alive on film.

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By PaulRom - Jan 27, 2013 09:01 AM EST
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Despite being one of DC Comics' most iconic characters, The Flash has yet to make an appearance on the big screen. With his own solo film still in development, the Scarlet Speedster will inevitably make his movie debut in Warner Bros.' Justice League adaptation, which may hit theaters in 2015. It was recently reported by a reliable source that the character will be one of the five core members of the League, which isn't surprising. A few actors have expressed interest in playing the Fastest Man Alive in the past, and there are certainly more than a few fan favorites to portray the character. Below, I’ve compiled a list of ten actors who I think would do a great job as The Flash (whether it’s Barry Allen, Wally West or even Bart Allen's Kid Flash).

#10 - Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

Pros: My top pick for Kid Flash, Cera would be a good choice to play a younger version of the Scarlet Speedster. He has CBM experience after his solid performance in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and certainly has what it takes to play a comedy oriented character. He’d be an ideal choice for Kid Flash.

Cons: I only want Cera to play a young Flash and not an older version, which will likely be used in Justice League.

#9 - Dave Franco (21 Jump Street)

Pros: The younger brother of James Franco (one of my favorite actors), Dave has shown that he can be a solid actor as well. His surprisingly enjoyable performance on 21 Jump Street caused me to think that he would be a decent Flash, and he already has some DC experience after voicing Riddler on Young Justice.

Cons: Like Cera, Franco would do a fine job as Kid Flash or even a very young Wally West. However, he obviously wouldn’t be a good fit for a more experienced Flash, who I would prefer to be Barry Allen.

#8 - Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer)

Pros: And now, for actors I would like to see as the main Flash. IMO, Hirsch is one of the more underrated actors in Hollywood. He turned in a strong performance as Speed Racer, and was one of the best things in the otherwise appalling The Darkest Hour. He can properly play light hearted heroes but can also be serious when necessary, which is exactly what The Flash needs.

Cons: With his recent filmography since Speed Racer, Hirsch has mostly stuck to smaller films, so I’m not sure if he would be in a hurry to star in another big budget movie. Of course, a great script could change anybody’s mind.

#7 - Justin Timberlake (In Time)

Pros: This pick is probably the most controversial on the list, and for good reason. I initially wasn’t a fan of Timberlake at all (mostly because of his music), but his acting has caught my attention with his solid presence in In Time (which I believe is underrated). He can carry the serious side of Barry Allen well, and would be a fine choice for the character if he can perfect his acting skills.

Cons: While he has the serious side down acting-wise, I’m not 100% if he can be as light hearted as he needs to be as The Flash.

#6 - Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother)

Pros: A fan favorite for the role, it’s not hard to see why many want to see Barney Stinson himself play the Scarlet Speedster. Not only is he a great actor who can depict the lightheartedness of The Flash, but he also voiced Barry Allen in the animated feature Justice League: The New Frontier, doing a wonderful job with it. It would be cool to see him play the character in live action. Plus, how awesome would it be to see Neil Patrick Harris play a superhero?

Cons: At 39, he may be a little too old to play The Flash now, at least the Barry Allen version (unless they go with an older, more experienced version in Justice League). However, there’s still the possibility of his playing the Jay Garrick version, if ever necessary.

#5 - Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy)

Pros: How Hedlund hasn’t played a superhero yet has baffled me. His performance in TRON: Legacy proved that he can handle an action film (potentially a franchise), and he’s a pretty good actor overall. He’d be a fine choice for Wally West, since he can portray younger, more wisecracking characters well.

Cons: Should Justice League be released in 2015, Hedlund would likely be too busy as the next TRON is reportedly on the fast track.

#4 - Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville)

Pros: Rosenbaum is well known for voicing Wally West/Flash in the DC Animated Universe, as well as playing Lex Luthor on Smallville. He was absolutely perfect as the voice of the Fastest Man Alive, and like Harris, he is an actor who would do a great job playing this character in live action after portraying him in animation.

Cons: At 40, Rosenbaum may be a bit too old to play The Flash, at least the Wally West version.

#3 - Chris Pine (Star Trek)

Pros: Pine has been one of my top choices for Barry Allen for years. He showed in Star Trek that he can play a young, lighthearted wisecracker perfectly. And let’s not forget all the action film experience that he has. Throw in the fact that he looks a lot like the comic book version of Barry Allen, and you can see why he’s a fan favorite choice.

Cons: Pine will be busy with a potential Jack Ryan trilogy within the next few years, as well as a possible third Star Trek, so he’ll probably be too busy to play a superhero anytime soon.

#2 - Bradley Cooper (The Hangover)

Pros: An obvious fan favorite choice, Cooper is also one of the most ideal. He has a good relationship with Warner Bros. after starring in The Hangover franchise, and he was even up for the role of Green Lantern before Ryan Reynolds got the gig. He can do comedy very well, and has plenty of action movie experience. Plus, having an Oscar nominated actor play a superhero is certainly intriguing.

Cons: After Cooper’s Oscar nominated performance in The Silver Linings Playbook, it’s possible that he may pursue more drama oriented roles in the near future, ruling out the possibility of playing the comedy centered Flash.

#1 - Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights)

Pros: And now, for my favorite choice to play The Flash. Porter is a comic book fan, he has some CBM experience (he voices Cyclops in Marvel Anime), and has expressed interest in playing the Fastest Man Alive. He’d be a perfect choice for either Wally West or Barry Allen, carrying the funny and serious sides of both. Plus, since he doesn’t have a heavy movie schedule in the near future, the 33 year old actor wouldn’t be too hard to sign on for multiple films.

Cons: I can’t think of a single negative concerning Scott Porter as The Flash. He’d be perfect in the role.

Be sure to share your thoughts on who you want to see play The Flash in the comments below, and feel free to vote in the following poll.

Honorable Mentions: Justin Bartha (National Treasure), Patrick Wilson (Prometheus)

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